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Thursday, May 21, 2015 09:39 am

Right on right-to-work

 They’re having a right-to-exploit -- sorry, "right-to-work” debate in Missouri too, as we learn from a recent dispatch to the Washington Post. A bill embodying measures backed by our Mr. Rauner was voted on and passed. There the legislature is Republican and the governor a Democrat, and Republicans were hopeful of winning enough “yes” votes to override the governor's expected veto.

Instead, enough conservative Republicans voted against the right-to-work measure to deny supporters a veto-proof majority. Why? The Post explains.

 “The number one thing that Missouri is missing, that businesses are looking for, is workforce development,” said Rep. John McCaherty (R) during floor debate, citing a poll by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. “They were looking for trained individuals. You know what they’re looking for training in? Construction. Machinists. Welders. Our unions are training people to do those jobs . . . .

The second argument the Republican lawmakers made has do with meddling in other peoples’ choices. There are plenty of non-union shops to work for if you’d rather avoid unions, says Rep. Shane Roden, and nobody’s forcing union members to stick with the representation they have. . . .

Finally, conservatives argued that debates over right-to-work legislation -- as contentious as they are -- are a distraction from issues that really need attention, like taxes, education, and infrastructure.

Sensible views from sensible people. Illinois has plenty of Republicans like that too -- let's hope they speak up when they're needed. 


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