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Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 12:04 am

The party after the party

Nowadays, many wedding guests are not ready to call it a night after the deejay plays the last dance at the reception. After-parties have grown increasingly popular, but planning an after-party is not necessarily as simple as pointing guests to a nearby watering hole.  
After-parties can be anything a couple wants them to be. They can be a bunch of friends toasting marshmallows over a firepit or a night of dancing at a club. But it pays for couples to heed a few after-party pointers.

• Choose a place within walking distance or close by to the reception hall or hotel. Guests have likely been indulging in alcohol during the wedding, and safety should always be a priority. If only a few people are going out, you may be able to pile into a cab, but if your affair will be attended by more than a handful of guests, choose a venue close by so it’s easy for guests to get there and get home.

• Limit the food and drink choices. Ask servers to bring a few pitchers of beer or sangria and finger foods. This will help avoid disagreements over trying to tally up and split the bill afterward.

• Go comfortably. If you’re ready to get out of wedding finery, by all means change into something more comfortable. You probably will enjoy yourself more at the after-party if you can mingle in more comfortable attire.

• Take advantage of hotel services. Many hotels have conference rooms or attached bars and restaurants that make perfect gathering places for an after-party. Make arrangements with the hotel concierge or the front desk in advance.

• Delegate responsibilities. A busy bride and groom may not have the time or the inclination to plan another party. If guests want to continue celebrating, put the task in the hands of a third party or volunteer.

• Leave whenever you want. Partygoers will eventually need some sleep. Feel free to leave the after-party whenever you want. Usually once a few people begin to disperse, the rest of the group will call it a night.
After-parties are growing in popularity. Those planning on celebrating into the early hours of the morning can start thinking creatively.  –CTW


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