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Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 08:07 am

Baseball by moonlight

 As much as I enjoy watching them, I dreaded the Cubs’ entry into the playoffs, because that would mean I would be compelled to watch them in every game. I am offended by any team that decorates its players so they look like an 8-year-old’s bedroom, for one thing. For another, I detest watching night games at Wrigley Field. Iles Park is probably better lighted than Wrigley; Wrigley’s center field is one part of Chicago I would never like to get caught in after dark.

Watching the Cubs and Cards the other night, I was reminded of my youth. A pal  and me had an itch to shoot baskets on a summer’s night. Our preferred schoolyard courts were unlighted, of course, but the court behind the old Stuart School on South Grand  between Sixth and Seventh streets was across the street from a Thrifty’s. The store’s illuminated signs lit up just one side of the ball, however, so every shot looked like a half moon setting as it arced toward the basket. Very poetic – and there were few enough opportunities for the poetic offered by a Thrifty’s – but my point is, we had more light to play by than do outfields at Wrigley. 


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