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Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015 12:01 am

Remembering the lives they lived 2015


About the issue

It is our tradition to reserve our last issue of the year to remember some of the Springfield-area people who have died in the past year. Those we write about here are people who have come to the attention of our writers, and others brought to IT by readers answering our call to contribute their personal essays to “Remembering.” These people were not all prominent or well-known in the community – although some certainly were – but they were all prominent to their families and in the circles they inhabited. Each life has a story. The 23 lives chronicled here remind us that each one makes a contribution to the community fabric and each one will be missed. We urge you to read them all. Together these remembrances can represent all the hundreds who departed in 2016 having made Springfield a better place by the manner of their living.

–Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher

Please click on the names below to read more about each person

Lana Benedict

Charles Armstrong ‘Chick’ Chapin

Donna Ellen Frost

Evans Brittin

James Craven

Fae “Arlene” Clemons

Leigh Ann Galyon Smith

William N. Becker

Dr. H. Brent De Land Jr.

Ronald L. Earley

Emma Lou Eastman Little

Eleanora Treinis Yuskavich

Robert L. Evans

Kevin Hyatt

Lisa K. Leach

Ossie Langfelder

Lola Susan Lucas

Joseph Allen Stancil

Dewey A. Rowden

Charles “Hugh” Moore

Bob Bartlett

Lloyd Inslee

Bettie J. Allen

Ordwin Albert (Rocky) Schoenrock


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