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Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016 12:01 am

tintin poem #2

 tintin poem #2

WILL has opera on saturday
also classics by request not sure
which this was on but I’ve always
liked the announcer john frayne I
listen in the car didn’t get in on the
first bars of a soprano singing a
florid aria lots of high notes trills
volume john frayne at its finish said
that was the jewel song from faust
by gounod then he paused added
those of you who love tintin will
recognize this as the song the grand-
opera diva bianca castafiore is always
singing well all my kids at four learned
to read on tintin have loved bianca
castafiore the bane of captain haddock
and professor calculus when I called
my youngest to tell her she promptly
began warbling “oh my jewels beyond
compare!” we wondered who now has
“The Castafiore Emerald” I’m sure we
had multiple copies wore out all our
tintins bianca shows up in other tintins
herge knew when you create a gem of a
character you don’t let her go the fine
tintin movie also knew wrote her into
a dramatic part where at the climax her
high notes break glasses when she sings
– you guessed it – “the jewel song”

©2015 Jacqueline Jackson


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