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Thursday, March 10, 2016 12:19 am

Letters to the Editor 3/10/16

Bryce Benton and Sam McCann.



I voted for Rauner; mea culpa. Now I beg that Democrats cross over and vote in the Republican primary. Vote against Trump; Hillary is not likely to lose. Vote for McCann and against Rauner; Democrats rarely win the state seats in question. Government by and for the people is on its last legs here. The Republicans found somebody rich enough to buy the governor’s office. He bought nearly the whole Republican caucus. Illinois is maybe one vote away from becoming an oligarchy. Rauner’s machine-funded Bryce Benton is running against McCann because McCann voted for his district instead of voting the way Rauner expected. Benton is running on $1.3 million of Rauner’s money. That is a lot of television time, a lot of negative advertisements. One month ago Benton had little name recognition with the people in state Senate District 50. If he wins, he will owe the governor a lot for his first taste of power.

Rauner is using his wealth and that of his friends to buy votes and run an endless campaign. So be you Republican or Democrat, come on over and vote in the Republican primary. Help us control the crazies who can’t govern. Help us get a working budget.

Matthew C. Vernau


This Tuesday’s presidential primary presents those who value our privacy and our democracy with a dilemma.

For the first time in recent memory, the Illinois presidential primary could actually make a difference.

With Bernie Sanders’ come-from-behind surprise victory in Michigan, a win by Sanders in another Rust Belt state like ours could throw the Democratic race totally up for grabs. Sanders showed amazing support last week in nearby Edwardsville, attracting a “huge” overflow crowd. Sanders’ Illinois ties recently came to light when it was revealed he was arrested fighting for civil rights as a University of Chicago student in the 1960s. Hillary Clinton’s Chicago-area ties are well known.

On the GOP side, a win by Donald Trump in Illinois and a few other big states Tuesday could virtually clinch the nomination.

Yet if we want to exercise this vitally important right and duty to participate at the ground level in picking our president, we must give up our right to a secret ballot guaranteed by Article III, Section 4 of our Illinois Constitution. We must give up our right to privacy because whether we voted Republican or Democratic will be a matter of public record.  

Illinois voters have repeatedly and overwhelmingly told the legislature in advisory referendums that how we vote in the primary is nobody’s business. But our state legislature has continuously shirked its duty to represent us by refusing to pass an open primary law.

Nevertheless, Tuesday’s election is so vital to our future that I urge all voters to go to the polls Tuesday. Hold your nose, tell the election judges you want a Democratic or Republican ballot, and then vote for the presidential and other candidates who, in your judgment, will do the best job for our nation, state and county.

Sam Cahnman


I understand that not everyone is going to agree with a political cartoon, but Chris Britt’s Feb. 18 illustration is the most ignorant, blasphemous, inconsiderate and bigoted cartoon. Illinois Times should be ashamed of it and should have rejected it.

How do you expect to be a respected newspaper when you show such disregard after someone’s death? The outrageous celebrity magazines on store racks have more discretion and decency than you have shown.

Todd Lockwood


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