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Thursday, June 2, 2016 12:16 am

Editor's note 6/2/16

There is no more apt description of the just concluded legislative session than Gov. Bruce Rauner’s: “Stunning failure.” He was pointing at the Democrats, as usual, but he is the one who failed the most, by failing to propose and win approval for a reasonable budget, and by failing to help business with cost-saving reforms to workers’ compensation or anything else. Especially in the capital city, business is suffering under this governor. The UIS Survey Research Office this week released its March study of Sangamon County business leaders’ perceptions. More than half said state government’s finances are the biggest challenge to their businesses in the next year. The fact that the governor has backed off his non-budget agenda at least until after the November election, and has agreed to reopen the Illinois State Museum, offer some reason for hope. Democrat leaders have agreed to negotiate over the governor’s stopgap funding bill, which will give Rauner more opportunity to become more of a problem-solver, less of a problem.  –Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher


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