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Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016 12:15 am

Letters to the Editor 8/11/16



Donald Trump is the GOP’s choice. People are expecting major changes with Trump as president. Voters need to submit to Trump what they expect of him. If Trump cannot meet those voter demands, he will be a disappointment. Our disappointment is God’s appointment.

Brenda Armstead

I must have missed where Michelle Obama attributed her speech in 2008 to any of the thousands of people who would have described someone close to them as treating others with respect and dignity and saying that their word is their bond long before she said those words.

Somehow, everyone that uses those terms in a speech from now on must attribute those words to Michelle? Who knew that common, innocuous phrases could be copyrighted?

Newspapers, networks and radio stations have given this story so much coverage that I would have thought the story was about a presidential candidate who had violated multiple security laws, had perjured herself in front of Congress, had wiped her computer clean, had not lifted a finger to save Americans lives and lied about it, and had allowed the sale of Uranium to Russia. Nope, this was much more serious to the media and Democrats. A potential first lady said that her husband treated people with respect and dignity and that his word was his bond. Now that is disqualifying and dangerous.

It will be much better if we have a potential first man that committed perjury, lost his law license, sold the Lincoln bedroom, diverted Haitian funds to his family foundation, and jacked up his speaking fees when his wife became secretary of state.

We know that we can trust Michelle when she says President Obama’s word is his bond. When he said you can keep your insurance and doctor we could trust him; when he said that Assad better not cross the red line we knew he was serious; and when he repeatedly said that he was not a king and could not unilaterally change immigration laws, we knew he would keep his word.

Even Bill probably can’t say that Hillary treats others with respect and dignity and that her word is her bond with a straight face, although he also is an exceptionally good liar.

I hope that Trump doesn’t say “God Bless America” at any time. Obama has said it before, so the media and Democrats might accuse him of plagiarism.

I would think that someday the media would be embarrassed being shills for a candidate that has violated so many laws and lied so much

Jack Hellner


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