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Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 12:14 am

Letters to the Editor 8/18/16

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touts her diplomatic experience in her run for the U.S. presidency.

While secretary of state, she failed to get our citizens out of harm’s way in Benghazi, Libya, as other nations did. She was complicit having our military to stand down when our people were under attack by heavily armed terrorists. She failed to encourage air strikes to chase down the perpetrators after the deed was done and then, with President Barack Obama, concocted a preposterous story about a video causing a “demonstration” in which four Americans and, according to one report, 10 Libyan guards were killed, with varying numbers reported wounded.

This “demonstration” has elsewhere been called “The Battle of Benghazi” and it took place on 9/11 – that was the pretext. Any wounded have been forgotten and the dead ignored by the opportunistic Ms. Clinton.

Ms. Clinton’s emails are just a symptom of the problem. She unwisely used her own insecure server for classified state department email with the appearance that she wanted to be able to delete any email without a trace. This had the unintended consequence that Russian hackers and Vladimir Putin have copies of her deleted emails, along with top secret material.

This is her diplomatic experience. It is beyond incompetent; it is reprehensible.

Ms. Clinton says she supports Israel, but she is outspoken in attacking the right of Jewish Israelis to build homes, schools and businesses in Judea and Samaria where Jesus walked. The ability to build in one’s homeland is a fundamental right. Ms. Clinton’s stated support for Israel is lip service.

Ms. Clinton is also pro-abortion.

For voters of conscience, Ms. Clinton’s candidacy for president is unacceptable.

Douglas K. Turner

When Sunshine Clemmons was in high school, the police were not even using zip-cuffs. (“Trying to get race right,” by Patrick Yeagle, July 21.) If she and her friend were stopped in southern Illinois, I am sure that there was a reason why, not just because they were black.

Ms. Clemmons and a teacher from Springfield Southeast High School want to start a movement thinking that they can get those who are loners and have other problems to join in and make changes. She is going about it the wrong way.

I would suggest that Ms. Clemmons spend more time out in public at the various street festivals, including Chatham’s Sweet Corn and Homecoming, Riverton’s River Fest, Farmersville’s festival, etc. She will find that there are people from all walks of life attending, all different races, creeds, color and religion getting along, talking and laughing together while not having to worry about someone showing up to make a nuisance by yelling to everyone that they should be against each other.

Greg Zoll


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