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Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016 12:18 am

Letters to the Editor 9/1/16

There is currently no public access to much of the 7,000-plus acres the city has purchased for a second lake.


Open up lake land
The city began land acquisition for Hunter Lake in 1965. As of August, 2015 when Mayor Langfelder and IDNR Director Rosenthal signed the Memorandum of Cooperation for the Lake, the city had already purchased 7,138 acres of land to build it. There is no guarantee the city will receive the necessary permits.

As the land was acquired, the city granted leases to the residents and farm tenants to continue to remain in their homes and farm the cropland and pastures. Recently the terms of the leases have been shortened from three years to one.

There are 36 leases that block public access to about 2,000 acres of wildlife habitat on the unleased portion of this publicly owned land. The lease holders get to choose the private individuals who get access to hunt and hike it. It is past time for the public to gain access to their recreational land.

Donald Davis
Pleasant Plains

Be on the ballot
When we read on our ballots the words “vote for one” and but one name appears, we are merely affirming a candidate for office rather than actually selecting who we feel best represents us. The best decisions are made when there are a variety of possible choices available.

Do you want certain library programs? Are you confident in your reliance on other local services such as police and fire protection? Are you satisfied with the condition of the roads you drive on? Do you feel it critical that the local school provide the best in educational opportunities? All of these services exist through the time and talent of the people who serve in local government.

An informational event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 7, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the Rochester Community Room. Representatives from local Rochester boards as well as Stacey Kern, director of the Sangamon County election office, will be on hand to provide information to those who may be considering serving their community by running for any of the nonpartisan seats on the Rochester village, school, library and fire district boards in the 2017 consolidated general election. The information would apply to similar boards throughout Sangamon County.

The greatest action we can take to be appreciative for all that we enjoy through local government is to show interest through serving and voting. Be the choice you want to see on Election Day!

Kathryn Dinardo, Springfield,
Diana Fairchild, Rochester

Pitch for Trump
I read the letter “President Trump” in the IT and would like to add my observations.
Donald will build the wall! To me that alone is enough to get my vote. The letter said Trump could not be trusted with nuclear weapons and if you remember President Reagan they said he would start a nuclear war too.

If you want to honestly look at Hillary/Obama, giving Iran a running start at going nuclear should scare us all and having a president that others fear and respect is not that bad. Trump would be that president, nobody really respects Obama or Hillary, look at Russia invading the Baltic States and Syria crossing Obama’s “Red Line” with no U.S. reaction and then there is ISIS.

If you want to call Donald Trump “unstable” just because he is passionate about the border then you have taken Hillary’s bait. If you want to vote third party you will elect Hillary and forfeit the dream of what we can be. I am passionate about not electing Hillary. I want to see the U.S. respected and I would like to Make America Great Again! Right now we are not.

Jerald Jacobs
Sangamon County for Trump


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