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Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016 12:27 am

Letters to the Editor 9/15/16




With one comment, Alderman Kris Theilen revealed the primary reason he now supports this liquid boondoggle: “Theilen now says that the city needs Hunter Lake to help attract industries that need water and will create jobs” (“On a mission,” by Bruce Rushton, Sept. 8). So, it is not because Springfield has finally proven the nonexistent need for additional water, or to protect the proletariat of Springpatch from a severe drought, which is the required basis for permit approval, or to provide the breeding ground for millions of mosquitoes. No. It is simply to make some money for certain groups. Greenbacks in exchange for destroyed greenery. Such honesty is a breath of rancid air. With that profoundly incriminating assertion, Alderman Theilen should excuse himself from any further voting or comments on this topic.

Bruce Semans


Let me understand this. A deputy inspector general for the Secretary of State drives drunk and injures a 12-year-old girl (“Probation for DUI,” Illinois Times, Sept. 8). That’s not a felony because there was no grave bodily injury; it’s a misdemeanor that could result in a sentence up to one year in jail. However, his sentence is a year of probation and some hours of community service, the kind of thing most of us do as volunteers. But, wait, he’s also to be disciplined by his employer, the Secretary of State, by giving him some time off work.

Look, this guy had an alcohol content of almost twice the legal limit. He caused considerable harm to the little girl. He knew that drunk drivers cause over 10,000 deaths and a half-million injuries each year because he is a former assistant state’s attorney and is in a responsible position with a department of government that is responsible for overseeing responsible driving.

This guy should be behind bars for a while. Probation, community service and a few days off work is hardly sufficient for a crime that could have easily resulted in a death. But no, this time he only caused considerable pain to a 12-year-old because of his behavior. How about next time?

George A.M. Heroux
Executive director/attorney
Victim Impact Speakers


This fall Illinois voters will make a choice on the ballot whether to support a constitutional amendment which would create a “lockbox” to prevent Illinois government from raiding transportation funds.

The legislation has been praised by politicians from both sides of the aisle as a way to prevent them from raising taxes again. The amendment would guarantee all revenue raised through motor fuel tax, tollways, licenses and vehicle registration fees could only be spent on transportation projects, mass transportation, etc. and will not be diverted to fund other purposes.

Make no mistake, Illinois taxpayers, this amendment does not protect funding for roads as our snake oil salesmen politicians would like you to believe. Monies from the lockbox will also be spent on government waste, planning, salaries and any “necessary” projects our wonderful leaders choose.

We wouldn’t need a “lockbox” constitutional amendment if politicians in Springfield would do their jobs and provide a truly balanced budget. This amendment will do nothing to help Illinois’ dire financial woes.

What is also worrisome to me are the supporters of the amendment. The Illinois Chamber of Commerce, construction groups and unions have raised $1.2 million for an awareness campaign to educate voters on the “correct way” to vote.

I will be voting “no” on the binding “lockbox” referendum this fall. Public pensions are guaranteed by the Illinois Constitution. How it that working out for us?

Kelly Liebmann
Wonder Lake


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