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Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 12:01 am

continuity poem #1

continuity poem #1

in my daughter’s dining room I sit
at a table where I sat my first nine
years facing me the matched cupboard
my brother tipped over not once but
twice during those years broke all
mom’s crystal behind me a marble
topped chest from my grandparents’
farm maybe via the rich relatives
to my left a graceful stand once pink
now black and gold from the house 
where I lived from ten to twenty-two
(the farmhouse designed by the u.s.   
dept of ag) to my right a seven-foot
glass front cabinet that lived sixty
years unnoticed in a cellar corner
of that house originally it came from
aunt ida’s downtown we know because
its photo is in the background of uncle
jim his feet on a radiator (a curmudgeon
I never knew) now it’s filled with nested
bowls spackled but familiar and eggcups
whose rooster cosies I made one year
my grandparents, parents, my daughter’s
sibs her own two kids in framed photos
trophies fill a shelf a sign above the
doorway reveals my daughter’s heart:
“home is where your story begins”
it’s also where it continues – with love
memories faith for the unfamiliar future

©2016 Jacqueline Jackson


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