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Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016 12:23 am

‘I never felt better in my life’

TERRILL J. (T.J.) MEYER Dec. 23, 1938 – Jan. 10, 2016



T.J. lived by the motto, “I never felt better in my life.” Many people remember T.J. for his positive attitude toward life, his zest for learning, his active support of the community as a volunteer, and his interesting quips when he entered a meeting or social gathering.

People react in different ways when they are told that they have only so much time to live. I feel blessed to have had a husband who gracefully accepted his plight and never missed an opportunity to keep living and enjoying life after he was given his diagnosis. His positive attitude made it easier for our family to continue enjoying our time together, as we knew it would not last much longer. One learns that “good things” do result from bad news. Not only did we grow closer in our relationship but our faith grew as we journeyed through the last few months together. Following monthly visits to the doctor, we would learn the progression of the disease, regroup, and continue living, enjoying what we liked to do most, whether it be a short trip, a volunteer stint, an outing with friends, or a quiet evening at home. The journey was good and memorable.

We have lost a person who added interest and energy to anything that he engaged in with his wittiness and positive attitude. It has been nearly a year since his passing, and I feel that his way of life, my friends and family, and my faith have propelled me through this first year with a positive attitude in dealing with the grief of losing my best friend and husband of nearly 50 years. It is fitting to end this remembrance with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, about whom T.J. came to learn so much about as a result of volunteering at the ALPLM.  “Perfect relief is not possible except with time. You are sure to be happy again. To know this, which is certainly true, will make you some less miserable now. I have had experience enough to know what I say; and you need only to believe it, to feel better at once.”  –Penny Meyer, wife


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