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Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016 12:19 am

‘Unfaltering devotion to his faith and family’

RAYMOND L. LONG Aug. 3, 1965 – Nov. 5, 2016


I never met Raymond, but he was worth knowing. He didn’t run a business or have lots of money. He was worth knowing – or knowing about – because of his unfaltering devotion to his faith and family despite serious health problems.

Most of what I know comes from monthly dinner nights with my twin-mom friends. We were getting away from our kids and husbands, but we talked about them the most.

Misty told us about Raymond and their 8-year-old twin boys, Joshua and Jonathan. They are adopted and African-American while Raymond and Misty are Caucasian. Misty never mentioned having trouble raising kids of a different race. Instead, her stories were about everyday challenges raising twin boys and Raymond’s many health issues.

Tina Dart, one of Misty’s best friends and a fellow mother of twins, says Raymond first became sick during his and Misty’s honeymoon in 2004. He was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, an inflammatory disease. It affected Raymond’s kidneys. Years of dialysis weakened Raymond’s heart, leading to open heart surgery last year. He died of sepsis in November.

Misty updated us during our dinners. She’d mention Raymond’s latest health scare and how he trusted God to take care of him, no matter the outcome. Misty and Raymond believed in the power of prayer and frequently asked for them during Raymond’s many hospitalizations. They truly believed.

Dialysis and stents didn’t stop Raymond from being a good father and husband. Another twin-mom, Michelle Rousey, notes all the activities he did with his boys: ball games and circuses; trips to St. Louis; and many, many shows at Sangamon Auditorium, The Legacy Theatre and The Muni. And he loved Misty like she was the last woman on earth. He was a true family man.

But the most important part of Raymond was his faith in God. He never wavered from it, even though he was tested. It was the foundation of his marriage, his family, his life.

–Kathy Le Comte and friends of Misty (Raymond’s wife)


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