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Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 12:02 am

The Loops


After a year of working out the kinks and playing “sparingly” around town, The Loops are now ready to roll onto the local scene in full force. With names you’ll recognize as familiar faces on central Illinois stages, this combination of Aley Mundstock (lead vocals), Howard Freitag (guitars, vocals), Joe “T” Phegley (bass), John Vickers (drums) and Perry Zubeck (keyboards, vocals) brings together experienced players with a fresh approach. The bandmates come from the likes of Cats on Holiday, New City Road, The Station, Kung Fu Dynamite and other popular area groups to create a unique combination of sights, sounds and selections. Using self descriptions such as “featuring music from a wide range of genres, if weird was a genre” and “daring to be different in a sea of sameness” the five piece group promises “songs that folks have heard and love but maybe have not heard in our flavor.” Officially sponsored through Budweiser, expect The Loops to frequent The Curve, their stated favorite stage, plus play regular local venues and upcoming warm weather fairs, festivals, homecomings and the like.

The Loops
Friday, Feb. 3, 6pm
The Curve Inn


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