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Thursday, March 16, 2017 12:16 am

Editor's Note 3/16/17

Dr. Jerry Kruse, dean and provost of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, has weighed in against the current Republican legislation to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. His is an important voice reflecting SIU’s efforts to improve health care for low-income residents of this region. Now we need to hear from Gov. Bruce Rauner. Will Illinoisans be better off or worse off under the proposed replacement plan?

“What likely will happen is that Medicaid costs would be shifted to the states, that Medicaid expansion will be rolled back because of these costs and the decline in the federal match, and that millions of Americans will lose the insurance and the highly coordinated primary care that they received under the ACA,” Kruse wrote this week to the medical website medpagetoday.com.

“I have no doubt the [American Health Care Act] will lead to a worsening of population-based health outcomes, a worsening of outcomes for individuals who are no longer insured, dramatically higher per capita costs, and poorer access to care, particularly for the most medically vulnerable. This is a giant step backward for the U.S., and will assure that we will continue to trail the rest of the world in health care outcomes, reasonable costs, and moral accountability,” Kruse wrote. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher


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