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Thursday, March 30, 2017 12:06 am


Do you need a job? If so, Collectors Roadshow in Sugar Land, Texas, is looking for a few good men and women. “This is a unique opportunity to earn an excellent salary,” a recent Craigslist help-wanted ad reads. “Positions available immediately.” Employees will be paid between $600 and $750 per week, plus weekly bonuses as high as $1,500, to set up shop in hotel conference rooms to buy jewelry, gold coins, antiques and other collectibles. Company-owned vehicles will be provided, and employees will get a week of paid vacation every other month after six months of work. No experience is required. “We will train you,” the ad says. Sounds a lot like TRS and Associates, the now-defunct Springfield business that went bankrupt in 2012, got sued by former employees who say they didn’t get paid, bounced checks from coast to coast, racked up millions of dollars in federal tax liens and was run by Jeffrey Parsons, who at last report was still under criminal investigation and the thumb of a federal judge who is pressuring Parsons to pay former workers who won a $12.2 million judgment against him. And, indeed, Parsons, who moved to Texas in 2013, is affiliated with Collectors Roadshow. But only as an employee, according to Dan Fultz, Parsons’ lawyer. Parsons, who’s told U.S. District Court Judge Richard Mills that he doesn’t have sufficient funds to pay his former employees their eight-figure judgment, has testified in court that he’s an employee of a company owned by his wife. “The bottom line is that Mr. Parsons, whatever he’s doing, is an employee of a corporation,” Fultz said.


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