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Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:17 am

Editor's Note 5/18/17

It was the largest commencement in University of Illinois Springfield history, with 1,270 graduates walking across the stage. Their poetic names – Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Chicagoan – reflect the global diversity that UIS has come to represent. Near the front of the procession of academics, just ahead of Chancellor Susan Koch and Timothy Killeen, president of the University of Illinois, was our own VIP, Alex Camp, Illinois Times’ reporting intern who had been chosen as student speaker for the graduation. Killeen exhorted the graduates to “stand up” for values that in ordinary times would seem prosaic, but in today’s Illinois and in the national political climate seem strangely threatened: “Stand up for the University of Illinois and for public higher education, just as it has stood up for you! Stand up for inclusion, diversity and for the First Amendment. Stand up for the sciences and for engineering. Stand up for the humanities. Stand up for the arts. Stand up for the social sciences – and for the development of new knowledge through deep, penetrating and refreshing research, scholarship and creative work. With all this, you can help lead the way to the future through the same dedication and hard work that brought you here today.” –Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher


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