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Thursday, June 15, 2017 12:03 am

Write. Don’t let anything stop you.

An author on benefits of the writing life

John B. Jamison of New Berlin


John B. Jamison, J.B. Jamison and Pops Jamison have two things in common. On any given day, they’re all storytellers. And they don’t take no for an answer.

The names
“They’re all me,” says Jamison. “I don’t hide that. Each comes with a different mindset.”

Anyone who knows Jamison from his early career as pastor and counselor, then opens his new thriller, Disruption, will soon realize he brings a wide perspective to storytelling. “I know that readers, and I’m speaking for myself here as well, often tend to prefer specific genres and select their favorite authors at least in part because of the genre,” Jamison says. “If an author ‘strays’ from their established genre, it can be frustrating for their readers. As someone who doesn’t stay within one genre, I use the alternate names to help identify my writing for readers…identifying the genre by the author name.

“When I sit down to write as J.B., the religion part goes away. I don’t feel schizophrenic, but there is a different thought process and framework for [those] stories … there’s some flexibility and freedom.

“When I write as Pops, which includes five children’s books for fun, it’s my grandpa voice.”

The tales
An experienced counselor, educator, trainer and games expert, the enthusiastic 65-year-old Jamison is thoroughly enjoying life as husband of 45 years, father and grandfather, and now self-published fiction writer. He and his wife, Pat, live in New Berlin.

“I grew up in Beardstown and our house was crazy. My dad was a riverboat captain, gone about half of the time. My mother was captain of the house when he was gone. I was an introvert and spent a lot of time playing guitar in my room. And my grandfather took me fishing every weekend and told me stories. Everything I’ve ever done since has been based on stories.”

That currently includes teaching adult classes in technology and job skills at Lincoln Land Community College, often through stories about making choices.

There’s nothing more powerful than your imagination, he says. “Stories create the ‘maybe,’ the ‘what if,’ the ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if.’”


by J.B. Jamison

From the author’s web site: “This tense, fast-paced thriller is a thousand-mile journey with more twists and turns than the river that carries it. A story that begins and ends with betrayal. Betrayal that has but one goal: Disruption.” The eBook is ready to read and the paperback is in pre-order production. Signed paperback is $24 shipped via USPS, or pick up for $16.99, free for those with Kindle Unlimited.

For more information about J.B. Jamison, reviews and Disruption purchase information, visit http://jbjamison.com. For titles by John B. Jamison, visit johnbjamison.com.

The message
For Jamison, the message is about possibilities. “A well-told story has an ability to move through our established, conscious defenses and speak directly to that part of us that ‘is’ us…to plant seeds of hope, of expectancy, of change…of the reality that there is a reality that is far bigger than the one we deal with every day, and that we each play a role in what happens each day…to ourselves and to everyone and everything around us. Stories can open us to greater things and create a world of life and hope, or stories can be used to close us off and create a world of death and fear. I have spent most of my life and career as a storyteller trying to do the former.”

Jamison’s positivity and experience have found a welcome home at Lincoln Land. Known for a lifelong attitude that says “Oh really?!” when told he can’t do something, Jamison teaches hope and determination. “There’s always hope. Possibility. A way to get through another day.”

That can-do attitude goes over big with Jamison’s colleagues. “Oh yes,” says Lisa Heyen, LLCC adult education coordinator. “He brings a lot of energy, he’s very innovative and the students really love him. I don’t think any task would scare him. He’s up for anything.”

Director of adult education, Lynn Buerkett, agrees. “John has been a wonderful addition to our adult career pathways instructional staff. His innovative methods have promoted higher retention and success rates for our students.”

Even though Disruption is Jamison’s first novel, and there have been plenty of naysayers along the way, he doesn’t believe 65, or any age, is too old to pursue a passion.

“If you have a novel in your head, or in pieces in a drawer, write it. Don’t let anything stop you – not age, time, whatever. If there are people who need to hear your story, tell it. Do it.”


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