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Thursday, June 22, 2017 12:15 am

Letters to the Editor 6/22/17

Letter writer: What’s in all those state storage boxes?


I enjoyed James Krohe Jr.’s piece on the Department of Human Services record storage problems (“More floppies in a shoebox,” June 15), but was rather amazed that you could write so much without getting to the point.

In every story written about this DHS records “scandal,” no one has bothered to define exactly what it is that is being kept and why it has any value equal to the cost of its retention. My first post-college job was in records management/forms control for what was then public aid. The first thing that becomes obvious is that bosses think their work is more “vital” than any other problem. Our bureau chief, a canny old penny-pincher, would defer any local office’s request for more filing cabinets to us to see when that office last sent old files to record storage.

In those days, we rented the old ammunition bunkers east of town to hold records pending decisions concerning their long-term storage. When the “owners” of those records refused to agree to reasonable retention periods, we would move the lot to the leaky bunker and be done with them shortly after the next weather cycle, which followed the standard time frames for similar records. Oddly, we never had any legal or fiscal troubles related to those accidents. State and federal auditors usually have no problem with the destruction dates involved with those retention schedules, in fact, most of the time those same auditors prefer to work with the more current material (in house) instead of calling records back from the Secretary of State’s official retention center.

I know the nitty gritty details might actually be pretty boring, but how about a real story about what these records are and why they are needed?

Matthew Vernau

Are both sides guilty of causing the anger in our politics? No. The Democrats are responsible for it. The conservatives built a local and national network of radio right-wing case maker forums that have been on the air 24/7 since late in the last century. Democrats never documented their size or monitored what they were saying. Their audiences grew and grew. The tea party was birthed there.

They were always more radical than the regular GOP. They slimed every Democrat and made liberal a dirty word; nobody does it better. Ask one of their followers why they hate Nancy Pelosi, and they have no answer. They throw fake news stories around among them like Frisbees. Last year, Rush Limbaugh – who has the largest audience – was making the case that Democrats were out to destroy Christianity, and he warned not to be fooled by RC Democrats who are in on it too. Does it get any more inflammatory than that? No one in the liberal media picked up on it. If you wrote them, they would ignore you. This group lies in every way there is to do it.

Every Republican fears this bulldog media; they control the party, and it is a cultish thing. They, along with every other conservative, have attacked the media on every issue. In our system, both sides have to attack the media or it gets intimidated. There is a good case to make for it. This outline could produce a large book, and it still needs to include the large powerful right-wing political Christian media that says things that Democrats should object to.

Tom Ferrari


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