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Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 12:06 am



Do you like pets with sharp teeth and claws that hate you? Run when you come near? Refuse to come inside and sit quietly by a cozy fire come winter? Hiss and yowl at members of their own species and fight with each other for silly reasons? If so, drop plans for acquiring a Komodo dragon and instead consider adopting a feral cat (that’s a fancy term for “wild cat,” as opposed to “wildcat”) from the Animal Protective League. The APL previously has pushed a program for capturing and neutering feral cats, then returning them to environs from which they came. Now the organization dedicated to making life easy for dogs and cats has launched a barn cat program aimed at reducing the number of feral cats that are euthanized for lack of any better plan. Under the new program, feral cats – once spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and checked for fleas and sundry parasites – will be given to folks to place in barns, stables and warehouses, where the animals will make up for lack of love for humans with a taste for rodents. Would-be adopters must agree to take at least two feral cats and confine them in onsite temporary kennels for as long as a month to ensure a successful transition, with the APL providing the kennels, plus food bowls, litter, litter pans and bedding. Feral cats never had it so good and, at free, the price is right for humans. For more information, contact the APL at 789-7729.


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