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Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 12:19 am

Letters to the Editor 10/5/17

An illustration by cartoonist Chris Britt offers a humorous take on some of the issues currently faced by townships in Illinois.


As the executive director of the Township Officials of Illinois, I would like to comment on the story by Bruce Rushton (“Outdated?,” Illinois Times, Sept. 21). In his piece, he examines the topic of township consolidation at length.

The fact of the matter is, cherry-picking townships as a unit of government that should be eliminated or consolidated is simply unfair and does not look at the important role township government plays in bettering the lives of residents across the state – and that goes for all townships, not just rural.

Despite intense scrutiny, township governments remain an extremely efficient and cost-effective unit of local government. Smaller governments cost taxpayers less money than larger governments and this has been proven from public policy research.

The article also noted several positive examples of how townships provide emergency assistance for our neighbors most in need. There are a host of those success stories across the state and many of those efforts would often be lost if a township were to be made part of a larger unit of government.

I leave readers with this thought: should we eliminate wards because we have cities, or consolidate cities because we have counties? It simply would never end until we had one central unit of ineffective, disconnected government remaining. That would most definitely be a disservice to taxpayers.

Bryan E. Smith
Executive Director
Township Officials of Illinois


For those who despaired that the September “Bites on the Boulevard” was the last food truck event of the year, I have good news!

If you still have the appetite for it, you can take one more bite of a fun food truck event during “Appetite on the Avenue,” Monday, Oct. 9, Columbus Day, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The food and fun will take place at the huge Shop ’n Save parking lot on North Grand, just east of First Street. There will be food trucks, thirst-quenching local beer by Engrained, great music by Lowder and Manning, a place to secure your bicycle and do minor fixes thanks to the Bicycle Doctor and more.

This event is sponsored by The Avenue, The North Grand Improvement Association, dedicated to enhancing and improving the North Grand business corridor, formerly known as “The Avenue.”

Join us in ushering out the summer and welcoming in the fall during “Appetite on the Avenue.”

Sam Cahnman
Vice President, The Avenue

Thank you very much for printing “Letters from Vietnam” (Mary Painter Bohlen, Illinois Times, Sept. 28). As an unwilling hero, Tom’s sacrifice is magnified by his own reluctance to fight an unjust war. You gave Tom a voice and immortalized his story. The final letter, an official “return to sender” response, was a chilling reminder of how bright lives are snuffed out by senseless conflict.

Dr. David Leitner


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