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Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018 12:18 am

Letters to the Editor

Fire Britt

You need to fire your so-called cartoonist, Chris Britt. He’s what’s part of the problem with hate in this world. He needs to be taught respect. President Trump is doing an awesome job! And the Democrats are trying their hardest to look more like idiots. We have the right man in office, and he’s doing a darn good job. I salute you, Mr. President. Keep on Trumpin’ the Dems!

Amy Haberman

As a Springfield native who returns a half-dozen times a year, I enjoyed reading your memories of the early days of Illinois Times (“Alternative weeklies, 40 years later,” Feb. 1, Fletcher Farrar).
When I was in high school, IT was a beacon of light, and I’m sure the same is true for teenagers today. Thank you for keeping the “alternative” paper alive and well in Springfield. Here’s to the next 40.

Alex Hartzler

There’s an elephant in the living room that needs to be addressed. The elephant is the numerous health problems from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) created by wireless devices. There are too many symptoms to give a complete list so I’ll just name a few of the most frequent ones: sleep problems, anxiety, headaches, ear pressure, tinnitus and heart palpitations.
We use wireless devices by choice (cellphones, Wi-Fi, etc.), but CWLP electric meters are deemed mandatory and are on nearly every home in Springfield. If CWLP customers suffered unusual symptoms, they might not have ascribed them to the new meters.
The World Health Organization and the International Agency on Cancer Research classify wireless radiation as a 2B possible human carcinogen. EMR is also thought to be a cause of autism.
Much of Europe and surprisingly China and Russia have guidelines for exposure, some with limits 100 times less than the U.S., while the U.S. is increasing exposure exponentially.
Ameren plans to install smart meters in Springfield which can emit 100 times the radioactivity of a cellphone. Dr. David Carpenter testified to the Michigan Public Service Commission that smart meters could result in “probable diminished life expectancy for the majority of the population and probable genetic damage.” Canada and five states (including Illinois), have reported hundreds of fires from the overheating of smart meters. An informed Canadian said the basic laws of electricity are being violated. Women in Sacramento County, California, protested by carrying bags of hair they had lost as a result of smart meters.
Our latest source of EMR, allowed by the Small Cell Facilities Deployment Act, is small cell antenna on local streetlights, traffic signal poles and telephone poles.
Many of the symptoms listed above are also attributed to wind turbines and were described by our Cuban diplomats. Given the seriousness of the health problems, it is puzzling why there is so little interest in this issue. We need federal legislation to address this but my letters to congressmen go unanswered.

Betty Kleen


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