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Thursday, March 8, 2018 12:05 am

Parrty on, Wet bar

Mayor Jim Langfelder has relented. Wet Bar, a downtown bar that’s gotten a reputation for rowdy behavior, will get its 3 a.m. liquor license back, the mayor says. Langfelder in December revoked the 3 a.m. license for Wet Bar, saying that there have been too many fights, disturbances and other incidents requiring police. During a recent city council meeting, Langfelder also said he was considering revoking the 3 a.m. license of another downtown bar, which he declined to name but was widely believed to be The Remedy Bar and Drinkery. No more. Langfelder now says that Wet Bar will regain its 3 a.m. license. Saying that the liquor commission recommended reinstatement of the 3 a.m. license, Langfelder, who has the final say, said that he’s concerned about lawsuits if he goes against the commission recommendation. “He’s (the bar owner has) made adjustments that the liquor commission recommended,” Langfelder said. “That kind of puts a different spin on things, so to speak.” The mayor also acknowledged concerns about The Remedy. “Remedy, that’s another that’s been on thin ice, so to speak,” Langfelder said. “That’s where we’re working together, right now.” The mayor, however, said that he will grant no more 3 a.m. licenses. Yatti Ely, Wet Bar owner, said that he hadn’t yet heard that he’ll regain his 3 a.m. license, but he said that he has made changes, including a stricter dress code and a ban on large bags so that patrons can’t bring their own bottles. Ely also said he’ll take a harder line on whom is allowed inside and have less patience for poor behavior. “I will say that from now on, the kindness and naïve spirit that I had, I will have zero tolerance for anyone and anything,” Ely said. “If someone does anything, there’s no second chances.”


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