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Thursday, April 26, 2018 12:04 am

Troopers 2 delivers


Comedy troupe Broken Lizard’s Super Troopers 2 may be the future of filmmaking. When the group announced they were setting up a fundraising account to raise money to produce a sequel to their cult comedy hit, their goal was to raise $2 million. They exceeded that in 24 hours and the cameras were soon rolling. The result was a $15 million opening weekend. A win-win if there ever was one, tailor-made entertainment for an appreciative crowd.

Following the maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Troopers 2 doesn’t deviate one iota from its original formula. It’s silly, irreverent, sophomoric and just plain stupid, which is all well and good if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. Broken Lizard will never be accused of catering to a highbrow audience, and they and their fans are all the better for it.

Having been disbanded at the end of the first film, the troopers are working construction and are not too happy about it. However, it is found that a small part of Canada actually belongs to the United States, which prompts the governor of Vermont (Lynda Carter) to give the boys another chance. They are assigned to watch over this annex as the small community is transitioned from being Canadians into Americans, something they are not too happy about. Needless to say, culture clashes and chaos ensues.

The audience is peppered with one approved throwaway joke after another, and as with most exercises of this sort, some of them stick and some of them don’t. Your enjoyment of the film will depend entirely on whether or not you enjoy seeing police officers getting beaten up by male and female prostitutes armed with sex toys, seeing middle-aged men chased by bears and having to endure being trapped in a tipped over Porta Potty, and your tolerance for horrible Canadian accents. The Philadelphia Story, it ain’t.

I must have been in the right mood for this sort of thing because I found myself laughing more than I thought I would. This is something I’m not necessarily proud of. Frankly, I think Kevin Heffernan as officer Farva could get the queen mother to laugh at a fart joke. The guy invests himself 110 percent in his role, and his enthusiasm as this dangerous moron generates one laugh after another. Watch his eyes light up when he finds out about a deal at a local restaurant in which you are rewarded for drinking two-liter containers of soda with a free dessert. You’ll see an example of a performer actually willing a joke to life. I laughed more than I should have at this moment and others, but during the scene when Farva cut his own toe off with a shovel, I had to draw the line. After all, I have my standards.

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