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Thursday, June 28, 2018 12:20 am

Letters to the Editor 6/28/18

The reconstructed intersection at Sixth and North Grand features two sets of stoplights, a long red light, and crossing gates across new sidewalks, which are still missing sections.
Photo by Bruce Rushton



Great article on the railroad sidewalk fencing (“Don’t fence me in,” by Bruce Rushton, June 21). I too drive through that intersection every day on my way home. Everybody here at the Illinois Commerce Commission had a good laugh and loved the fact that you combine excellent writing skills with a sense of humor to drive the point home. This year, 2018, is the year the ICC really wants to focus on trespass safety and reduce (or better yet, eliminate) those injury/death numbers. We want people to stop playing “beat the train” either on foot or in the car and use common sense around railroad tracks. Thanks for being an important part of that message.

Marianne Manko
Director of Public Affairs
Illinois Commerce Commission


Journalist Jim Hightower wrote in “How bad public policy happens” (Illinois Times, June 14) that Trump was stupid because the U.S. Postal Service actually makes $1 billion per year if those damn Republicans wouldn’t have made them catch up and fund the pension and health care obligations.

That is like saying that Illinois actually has a $7 billion surplus if they didn’t have to catch up with their over $100 billion in underfunding or that Springfield has a huge surplus except for police and firefighters pensions.

And the writer called Trump stupid?

The legislators in Illinois bragged about their “balanced” budget and how it even paid down their backlog of over $10 billion by a whopping $15 million. Isn’t it pathetic that Illinois has pretended it operates under the constitutional requirement that it balanced its budget as it has run up over $100 billion in actual debt and over $100 billion in unfunded liabilities and that number still pretends that they will earn over 7 percent per year on their investments?

Is it any wonder that government entities throughout the United States are broke when a supposedly intelligent journalist writes that the post office actually makes $1 billion per year?

Jack Hellner


Replete agreement was found in your recent Guestwork by Lee H. Hamilton (“We need more politics,” Illinois Times, June 14). In the spirit of the sentiments expressed in the piece, especially the optimistic view that politics is “How we give citizens a feeling of community and an understanding that we’re all in this together,” we would encourage anyone who has an interest in serving in a local elected office or who simply wants to become more familiar with the processes to attend one of two upcoming informational events planned in regards to the non-partisan offices in the 2019 consolidated election.

We will be hosting Stacey Kern, director of the Sangamon County Election Office, as well as representatives from local boards and offices who will help to present potential candidates with the chance to ask questions and obtain the information they need. We hope to provide a relaxed and open atmosphere that will be enlightening as well as encouraging.

The events are scheduled for Springfield on Monday, Aug. 27, from 6-8 p.m. in the community room inside the Schnuck’s Montvale location (2801 Chatham Road) and in Rochester on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 6-8 p.m. in the community room located at #1 Community Drive.

We hope these evenings will help our communities and as many people as possible in pursuing the opportunities available in 2019. As your author stated: “Politics is our vehicle for expressing shared values … It’s the way we try to keep citizens satisfied and strive to meet their hopes, demands and dreams.” Choosing to serve, especially in these local elected offices, makes a tremendous difference.

Kathryn Dinardo
Diana Fairchild


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