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Thursday, July 5, 2018 12:01 am

S O S poem

S O S poem

this is a blatant call for help to those
who had classes with me or traveled
overseas on those quirky hostel jaunts
a fine local writer is assigned to write
about me yes I know corrine frisch
did that splendidly in this paper when
vol 4 came out but the slant of this new
article (in another journal) seems to be
how I might have “made a difference”
to students or community, and how 
can I know that? we did have fun; ate
in the theme of the evening (coconuts)
I dialogued in your margins (no red
pencil) taught (if we call it that) from
the floor and for watership down in
the dark under tables eating carrots we
met all over town roamed junk yards
got thrown out of the bank shot a spud
across lake spfld with a potato gun and
in UK actually climbed watership with
richard adams had a whole morning
with colin dexter met the yorkshire
ripper’s nemesis so if you have a bit
to share I quote daughter demi age 6:
I beg you I implore you I WHEEDLE 
you!” to do so and soon – she has a
deadline – please write/email notes to
Illinois Times gratefully yours JJ

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson


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