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Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 12:17 am

Letters to the Editor 8/16/18

Green zucchini



I read the “Zucchini and summer squash” article by Ashley Glatz in the Aug. 9 edition of Illinois Times. I wish to make a few somewhat unimportant corrections/clarifications.

The picture in your article is technically correct as there are many kinds of “summer squash.” However, that particular picture is a yellow zucchini. You can tell by the thick stem. Green is the most common and traditional zucchini color, but there are other colors, striped ones and two-toned ones.

The traditional old-time summer squash was/is yellow with a skinny stem like gourds. Zucchinis have a larger, more course stem like pumpkins and many winter squash. That’s the primary way to tell the difference until they “set” the actual fruit after blossoming.

Norm Koerner


I had just started attending Bradley University when I heard of the crash near the airport (“Flying blind,” by Bruce Rushton, Illinois Times, Aug. 2). My friend Dave and I headed toward the airport. It was a wet and foggy day, and soon we saw the smoke from the crash and kept driving down dirt roads to get closer. Some roads were closed but we parked the car and headed down a hedgerow.

As we got closer I remember seeing baggage strewn about, but I will never forget seeing a man sitting with his back against a tree. I assume he was a passenger; he was not moving. It was Oct. 22, 1971.

Jerald Jacobs


I’ve just read your, “Sex in prison” story (by Bruce Rushton, Illinois Times, Aug. 9) and want to point out that sex under coercion is called rape. The law calls it rape.

Carla Murphy


I recently had an experience that was rather unnerving related to parking at the downtown underground parking garage near the Old State Capitol.

I could not find street parking near the restaurant I wanted to frequent on Adams Street. I did use the underground parking garage and did not notice the hours were listed as 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. When I went underground, there were about eight or nine cars parked there. It did state on the machine where I received my ticket that I would need exact change to leave the parking garage, so I had a “note to self” to have cash. I was able to walk out of the underground parking to get to the restaurant. When I returned, gates had been placed up that barred access to my vehicle.

An individual who had been at dinner was willing to give me a ride home and then picked me up the next morning at 6:45 a.m. so that I could get into the parking garage to obtain my car. She drove me to my car and we proceeded to leave. The individual who was working the exit did state he would charge her $0.75 for the drive-through to allow me to get my car, which I offered to pay. He stated that she would be free. He then told me that my total was $8 for overnight. I gave him a $20 bill and he gave me $10.25 in change. When I asked why it was not $12, he told me he was kidding that she would be free. When I then explained that instead of $10.25, I should be receiving $11.25 in change he gave me $0.50 back. I was concerned I would be late for work, so I left at that point. As I left, I asked him if I was the only one dumb enough to not think that a parking area closing at a certain time would relate to no access to your vehicle. He stated that it “happens all the time.”

I recognize that I was naïve in thinking I could simply have exact change and leave the parking garage by paying in that way, but I was greatly disturbed by the realization that visitors to Springfield could also experience this. For those who do not yet know, I think this is an important public information issue.

Trish Fehr


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