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Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018 12:01 am

archiving poem # 4

archiving poem # 4

not all my archiving for U of Wis
is letters ledgers documents photos
some is hardware a cow drinking cup
a salt cup I emailed my kids I can’t find
the stanchion I’m sure I had a stanchion
a message came back: the last I saw it
it was behind coats in the downstairs
closet-- sure enough there it was well
out of sight next I emailed I can’t find
the surcingle I’m sure I had a surcingle
the kids replied what’s a surcingle? I
explained it’s that long strap that goes
over the cow’s back it holds the milking
machine underneath nobody had seen a
surcingle I finally found it in the unused
closet where we keep the dressup clothes
it was hanging with belts and sashes so
recently I sent off 60 bankers boxes of
documents etc plus a cow drinking cup
salt cup stanchion surcingle a milkman’s
uniform and a sharp tool for husking corn

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson


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