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Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 12:02 am

Stuart Smith


Give a guy a guitar, let him learn to play it, then watch as he knocks out some songs as a singer-songwriter. Next thing you know, he’s got a killer recording out on CD and LP. That would be the short story of Winchester native Stuart Smith, out on a tear in support of his record War Horse, just released to the world as an independent album. Smith is blessed with a soothing voice that burns just right, compelling stringed-instrument skills that are in the brilliant range, and thoughtful songs that offer a penetrating resonance into the human condition, all while being artful and accessible. Stuart often plays solo gigs to add intimacy to his tunes but regularly pulls out his backup group, The Revelators (Rob Killam and Samuel Smith), to rock up the Americana sound that characterizes the flavor of his music. The album features several cameos from local and national musicians, and during live performances Stuart concentrates on delivering the songs with whoever joins in to make the music happen. And Stuart is really making it happen.

Stuart Smith
Thursday, Oct. 18, 7pm
Dr. Ugs Drugstore Cafe (Virginia)
Friday, Oct., 19, 7pm (band)
Danenberger Family Vineyards
Saturday, Oct. 20, 6pm (acoustic)
Nucci’s Pasta House (Pittsfield)
War Horse CD/LP release shows


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