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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 12:06 am

Rogers & Nienhaus


A true classic rock duo that really rocks and really played with some of the classic performers from back in the 70s, these St. Louis-based musicians are among the select few of the real deal folks who are accessible and performing on a regular basis. Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus come in many configurations, including a CSN&Y tribute band called 4&20, The Real Macaws with Michael “Supe” Granda and a Byrds tribute band known as Younger than Yesterday. But when they come together as a terrific twosome, the raw power and heartfelt emotion of friends and cohorts jamming away shines through like nobody’s business. Terry and Scott first met through an introduction by Supe and started performing in 1993 as a reincarnation of the Byrds. The pair began their duo experience then, as well. At a Rogers & Nienhaus show, expect cool covers and striking originals paired with sparkling vocal harmonies and powerful guitars, all dished out with years of experience in making music on a world-class level on the world stage.

Rogers & Nienhaus

Thursday, Oct. 25, 6pm

The Curve Inn


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