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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 12:01 am

rivertrip poem #1

rivertrip poem #1

wandering the marina’s length at
grafton before a cruise on the
mississippi, illinois I began to jot
the names of boats their rear ends
snubbed up against the dock got
to wondering why owners name their
craft as they do there were the usual
Suzy Q’s but Low Bid? Oh Yeah?
Zitz? Outnumbered? At the very end
a houseboat a bearded man watching
I ask what’s your boat’s name his
reply “Knot Kiddn” we strike up a
conversation he shows me over his
home queensize beds living room kitchen
pix of eleven grandkids I bet they love it
here no they hate it – on the farm I sold
they rode horses ran wild here they have 
to behave I noted his waist-length beard
“I didn’t shave a few days my wife said
she’d never seen anything uglier I said wait
a bit I never shaved again” I said you’re a
musician he nodded fetched a bedpan guitar
yes a real bedpan I was treated to a concert
with song my crew was cross they were ready
to get moving but I’d had an adventure made a
friend found the owner of “Outnumbered” had
wife, five daughters PS we never saw the Piasa
bird but saw Lady of the River shrine gleaming
white in the waves and marked with graffiti

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson


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