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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018 12:01 am

personal eco-thanksgiving poem

personal eco-thanksgiving poem

time to count blessings! I’m grateful to
attain (so far) a ripe old age p’raps here’s
some credit: being a depression then ww2
farm kid I ate no processed food frozen
food; plastic wrap not yet invented our
milk was whole raw from grassfed cows
no growth hormones antibiotics in meat
fruits veggies only in season strawberries
a treat ditto raspberries cherries tiny peas
beetgreens green onions grama did make
jams jellies canned everything cannable
winters we ate from the pungent root cellar
apples potatoes squash turnips parsnips
I’d go down, take heady breaths nothing
gmo we got salt cod in a wooden box from
the fish market fresh oysters flown in for
Christmas – after the war we welcomed all
innovations (how could we know?) now I’m
glad my body wasn’t subjected to junk food
mega-sugar, polluting packaging I do rue
however that the gr-grandpa of all snack
food (except popcorn, potato chips) was
invented in our barn I was three ate what
spilled from the machine (sans cheese) our
herdsman marketed these as Korn Kurls
p.s. we can turn time back somewhat raise
hens for eggs, meat, avoid the superstores’
non-food make gardens of vacant lots, why a
manicured lawn? yes, croquet, but let’s get
digits into dirt start beehives plant monarchs’
milkweed, carry string bags to the checkout!

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson


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