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Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 12:12 am

Pet portraits

Pet portraits - Photos by Terry Farmer

Will O’Hearn, Lincoln Library: “I got my gerbil, Rusty, from a gerbil breeder who shows gerbils. Show gerbils are in much better health and are friendlier, due to human interaction early in life. Rusty had a brother that just passed away about two weeks ago, so he’s feeling a bit blue, but the picture shoot really perked him up. Gerbils should be purchased in a pair since they are very social animals. I’ve had four sets of gerbils since my wife and I started taking care of them around 2006.”


Jill Egizii, WILD Canine Rescue: “Jack will be 10 on Dec. 25, and in the Bernese Mountain dog world he is very old. He has had cancer in his foot and lost three toes.  He also has hip issues, but never loses his kind, happy and gentle spirit.  Jack loves iced oatmeal cookies.”


Rick Brandt, Brandt Consolidated: “We have three goats. My daughter, Sierra, went to get pumpkins one day and came back with two goats, and eventually, the other sibling. Their names are Bentley (pictured), Chevy and Essie, short for Escalade. All are named after cars. We are a car and racing oriented family!”

Terry Farmer, Terry Farmer Photography: “Buddy is three years old, and we adopted him from APL. He loves chasing deer and the UPS truck, even though the UPS driver gives him treats. He also loves hopping in the pond and digging holes.”

Mia Woods, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Illinois Capital Region: “Beau is a Maltipoo who will be one year old in March. He comes to work with me most days and is beloved by the entire staff. He’s tiny, but has a huge personality. His nickname is Pee-pee, and you can probably guess why!”


Jenny Scott, Green Family Stores: “Gracie is 14 years old and her mother was a show dog, so she’s very intelligent. She has a Winnie the Pooh bear that she plays with and carries to bed every night to cuddle. They are inseparable. Bella is six and was from an Amish breeder in Arthur. She plays with any toy she finds, she’s not picky. She follows me around and wants to be a part of everything.” 

Judge John “Mo” Madonia, Sangamon County: “We adopted Olive from the parking lot of the courthouse last May. She was rescued from the car engine of one of the county employees who had driven with her from Riverton. I took her home that afternoon and she’s been a wonderful addition to our family ever since.”


Deana Corbin, Animal Protective League: “Lovey came to APL with a litter of puppies that had been found abandoned on the side of the road.  She was the smallest one, and her brothers and sisters were constantly jumping on her and knocking her down. I brought my son, Ethan, in to meet her, and he decided to name her Lovey because he loved her and she loved him.”


Dr. Greg Hurst, White Oaks West Animal Hospital: “Winnie came to us as a birthday gift for my wife. Her real purpose was to fill a void in our life after our previous Westie, Dolly, passed away. She is a spirited dog and has quickly become a great companion. She loves taking agility training classes and is enriched by that, as we have been as well. She comes with me to the clinic often and loves to greet everyone she encounters.”

Mayor Jim Langfelder with Rigley: The Langfelders are life-long Cubs fans, so their first family pet was named after the famous field. This Rigley is missing a “W,” because they thought this spelling was more fitting for a girl. Since joining the family in May 2009, she has walked with Jim every morning and evening, taking the same route and being greeted by neighbors who always have a treat waiting.

Dale Abbott, Sparkling Clean Car Wash: “Seaweed is 27 years old, and she could live another 100 years in captivity. With macaws, you have to leave them to somebody in your will, because they’re going to outlive you. I inherited Seaweed when we bought the Mermaid Car Wash, and then we have a bird named Barney at our Parkway Pointe location. His owner had died, and the woman’s kids didn’t know what to do with him. But after I saw how the customers interacted with Seaweed, I agreed to take Barney. Both of the birds say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to customers, and we keep treats behind the counter to give them. Barney will dance with the kids who come in, they just love him.”

Chris Butler, Butler Funeral Homes: “My wife, Val, and I found Millie through APL. We were looking for dogs to consider for our grief therapy dog at our funeral homes. She is a Jack-a-Bee (Jack Russell/Beagle mix).  She was listed as being blind.  We thought that might affect her ability to find a home and decided right away we wanted her to join our family.  However, we later found out that she was not actually blind, she was deaf, and the symptoms exhibited are similar. We did some training with her, and she has developed  into one of the best dogs we have ever had.  She knows some of our hand motions as a ‘sign language’ and does very well in her life.”


Leslie Moreno, WICS: “Mafia is a Dachshund mix, named after Marilyn Monroe’s dog, which was gifted to her by Frank Sinatra. She was adopted from a shelter in Ohio as an emotional support dog. Mafia loves happy meals from McDonald’s, taking naps with mommy and her big brother, Pikachu, who is a 10 year old Shih Tzu.”


Ana Espinosa, WICS: “I got her from a shelter in Orlando, Florida. When I got her, she was completely white. Lumi means ‘snow’ in Finnish. One of the things I love most about Lumi is that she can play fetch. During this time of year, she will take the tiny ornaments off the tree and bring them to me so I can throw them and she can bring them back.”

Nikki McGee, WICS: “Senor Patron means ‘boss’ in Spanish. He’s been my best friend since I was in college. I moved around for grad school and jobs, and he’s been my companion who’s gone everywhere with me. He’s the perfect roommate.”







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