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Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 12:10 am

Finding a forever home


Forever Home Feline Ranch was founded in 2009 to provide every cat in need a forever home, be a sanctuary where cats will have a second chance to live a full life in a no-cage, no-kill environment and to help end euthanasia as a method of controlling feline populations. Half of the cats at FHFR are sanctuary cats, meaning their forever home is the Ranch. The other half are adoptable and can be seen at off-site adoptions or on Petfinder. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Bijoux (Snowshoe Siamese): Bijoux came to be a Ranch cat because a person that works with a Ranch volunteer brought her to our attention. Bijoux was found on the road in Jacksonville, having been hit by a car. She was taken to a local vet, and the volunteer went to the vet on lunch hours to visit with her. Having gotten to know the personality of the cat, she was taken in as a Ranch cat with the idea that she would be adopted quickly due to her sweet nature and gorgeous coloring. Well, she didn’t even make it to adoptions because the volunteer that took her home from the vet to foster couldn’t bear to let her go.  She is now a permanent member of our family and brings smiles and joy and love to our lives every day.

Grover (orange tabby): Grover was found accidentally. We went to a high-kill area in Southern Illinois to bring back some cats. On the way home, our foster co-coordinator realized we had gotten a male cat, but we intended to get a female cat. She went back to the facility to “exchange” him for the cat we were intending to retrieve, when she was told Grover was on the calendar for euthanization that day. That did not sit well with us, and we came home with one extra cat. Grover went to PetSmart the next day during our adoption weekend, and his adopter fell in love at first sight. Twenty four hours after Grover was scheduled to be euthanized he was in the lap of luxury at his new forever home.

Beans (tuxedo): Beans was dumped at a farm in Rochester, and got her name after being discovered in a bean field. The woman who found Beans would go out to the field every day to feed and play with her. Beans even got so used to the woman that she would jump on her shoulders while she was in the garden. The woman realized that coyotes were getting close and was fearful for Beans; she had already lost two  other farm cats to coyotes. Knowing she had to do something to save this sweet girl, the woman reached out to Forever Home Feline Ranch, which took her in as a sanctuary cat. Four years later, Beans went to a loving forever home with a wonderful woman who still sends updates. 

Angie Holloway is on the board of directors for Forever Home Feline Ranch.


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