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Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019 12:17 am

Letters to the Editor 1/3/19



A Springfield family owning The Pinnacle Group/Farmland Solutions has plans in place to allow manure to be spread on their approximate 400 acres of farmland, which is almost 100 miles away, near Loraine, Illinois.

Along with another individual, they propose building a hog confinement with 5,000 hogs, producing around 2.1 million gallons of manure each year (equivalent to 35,000 humans) and spreading the manure on their fields.

The manure, along with the antibiotics and hormones fed to the pigs, more than 130 pathogens found in manure and potentially MRSA and E.coli, would be stored in a pit similar to the size of a football field and taller than a basketball hoop. The manure and everything else it contains would then be pumped and spread on fields adjacent to where many local citizens live and work.

Three houses are within 250 feet from the fields. One is 60 feet. Some only have well water and risk contamination from these feces.

Seemingly possible, maybe this family from Springfield does not know the full details of what their land manager plans to do with their fields. Oppression of a distant community may not have crossed their minds. Money may not be their primary ambition. Maybe others in Springfield do care about others’ lives within Illinois. Every person should have their human right to peacefully enjoy their land. Regard for other people, their land, their water and the air they have to smell and breathe should be considered.

My mom lives directly next to this proposed site and is battling cancer and would be forced to breathe the toxins from this manure. I love my mother and am trying to save her life. Please don’t let greed get in the way of humanity. Please help.

Thad King


I would love for the local media to ask the mayor or CWLP the following questions:

Won’t all customers of CWLP get the exact same percentage of power from solar as everyone else whether or not they pay the surcharge? Essentially, won’t we all pay because the cost is part of CWLP’s operating expenses?

Isn’t it impossible for CWLP to direct solar power only to specific customers? Am I wrong? Isn’t the only way to make sure you get your power from solar is to have the solar panels yourself?

I am sure that all of us paid the same percentage towards the more than $100 million blackmail from Sierra Club for wind power.

I have absolutely nothing at all against wind or solar but I am also extremely happy with coal as long as we have the scrubbers. I have lived within one mile of the power plant for around 40 years and not once did I feel that my health or my childrens’ health was at risk. I am very thankful that fossil fuels have greatly improved the length of life and quality of life the last 150 years or so.

I do think it would be a waste of money to do carbon capturing to pretend we can control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever. It is truly arrogant to believe we can control the climate since it has changed cyclically and naturally the last several billion years and also has changed cyclically and naturally the last 150 years.

Jack Heller


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