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Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 12:03 am

February finds

David Lumsden plays Blue Monday, Feb. 11, 8pm, at the Alamo, featuring musicians and music from his recent album, Hues of Blues.

We can finally stop complaining about the freezing cold and just complain about the regular winter weather as we descend into the second week of February 2019. What’s in store in the live music world? Why, an extraordinary selection of various concoctions of fabulous finds, just for you, that’s all.

Friday delivers some of these aforementioned finds, such as Julie Jules & Company offering sultry samba at Robbie’s starting at 5:30 p.m., Tom Beverly and Geoff Ryan taking off at Craft Beer Bar at 7 p.m. with singer-songwriter Petty-Dylan sounds and Mike Burnett mounting the Brewhaus stage at 7:30 p.m. with a song selection a mile long, all downtown within a few blocks of each other. For rock band-based boogaloos, the renowned Captain Geech rolls into the Blue Grouch for a night of constant party music, Classic Sounds makes them at Always After Five, JukeRox dials up your favorite songs at Crows Mill Pub, 28 Days plays a night’s worth of tunes at Longbridge and Live Wire returns for an electrifying Curve Inn experience. On the country side, Isaiah Christian serves up the classics at the Dew Chilli Parlor & Pub, while James Carothers comes up from Nashville to croon at the Backroom Lounge in Riverton, as Drake White does it up at Boondocks. Chris Camp and His Blues Ambassadors throw down at Lime Street, The Fabulous Hoedads hoe a row of good songs at the Stockyards VFW and Astrofix flies into the Trading Post with a fairly fresh CD in hand, all while I give you my band of yore at George Ranks, featuring Brad Floreth, Tony Berkman and Bruce Williams.

On Saturday night, the onslaught continues as listed in our Live Music calendar, including current country heroes Lick Creek and Brosephus together again at Boondocks, Sunshine Daydream doing Dead with a side of Phish at Brewhaus and Jeremiah Johnson up from St. Louis at Third Base for a rockin’ electric-blues time.

Sunday morning from 10 a.m. until noon, Three Twigs Bakery on Toronto Road hosts a valentine party with The Dandelion Pickers, a husband/wife duo on guitar/violin doing fun folk, instrumental versions of popular songs. For another unusual, but usual around here show, End Times Trio shakes up Buzz Bomb on Tuesday night, doing, I can only hope and imagine, a moving tribute to Abraham Lincoln totally done in free jazz.

On Monday night, David Lumsden, a well-known and respected central Illinois guitarist, songwriter, arranger and now, record producer, celebrates his Hues of Blues album with an Alamo Blue Monday show. The collection of mostly new takes on classic blues songs was done at Quincy Watson’s Frequincy Recording with Lumsden at the helm. The inspiring and ambitious record features an all-star cast of some of our best blues players, including Wayne Carter, Bill “Machine Gun” Evans, Reggie “Black Magic Johnson” Britton and Mary Jo Curry, along with a backing band of Tim Bahn, Gary Davis, Arthur Carey Sr., Jim Engel, Ezra Casey, Rich Leigh and Dion Doss. There’s even a special appearance by Dave’s good friend and Blues Hall of Famer, Steve “the Harp” Mehlberg, as well as renowned Chicago-based guitarist Andon Davis, a Springfield native son.

Since Lumsden self-released Hues of Blues back in September of 2018, he’s worked with internationally acclaimed Memphis-based publicists Blind Raccoon and received incredible amounts of airplay on blues radio and internet stations. Monday will feature many of the musician friends Lumsden coordinated to create this powerhouse blues record playing live renditions of the recorded versions, plus more songs featuring brilliant “hues of blues” for sure.

See, I told you there were plenty of finds to find.


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