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Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 12:03 am

Songs, BP and Mardi Gras

Emily Hough joins in the singer/songwriter showcase at the Curve Inn this Thursday.


Well, February 2019 sure came and went in a flash. Let’s see what we can come up with for the first full weekend of March.

Not so fast, friends. We just can’t let go of February without mentioning this Thursday, the last day of the shortest month, when The Curve Inn presents their monthly Americana night as a singer/songwriter showcase. I am always excited about songwriters getting together because writing and performing made-up songs is what I do and love to do, so this might be more for me than you. But at the same time, why not get out to hear something different than you’ve ever heard before? I can’t promise you will like it, but I can promise those other bands will return soon enough to perform those same songs normally required by local audiences. So why not take a chance on something new with a plethora of local, original music composers representing an interesting cross section of songs by solos, duos, bands and beyond, including Carl Long, Buckhart Road (Marty Morris and Tom Beverly), Micah Walk, Emily Hough and Stuart Smith’s Revelators.

And don’t forget to buy a record if one’s available. While we’re onto that kind of stuff, here’s a plug for next Thursday, March 7, when Ben Bedford, Stuart Smith and yours truly join forces for a songwriter song swap meet at the original Dr. Ugs Drugstore Cafe on the square in Virginia. It all starts with a song, and, I might add, ends with one too. Listen local!

A great way to kick off your month of March could be, would be and most certainly should be, to stop in at Robbie’s on Friday evening to soak up the vibes emanating from the Brian Pryor Quartet. BP is one of our best musicians and my only issue with him is he just doesn’t play out enough to suit me. But then, that’s even more of a reason to high tail it down there to partake in his cool jazz sounds when they become available for our listening pleasure.

Hooray for that time of year now upon us of Carnival, Mardi Gras and the festivities brought forth by these raucous and historic holidays. I feel a bit of a contradiction in announcing a Mardi Gras party on any day except Tuesday, since the historic meaning and literal translation of the French words are “Fat Tuesday,” which is always the day before Ash Wednesday and the whole reason for celebrating. But understanding is important in this world and we know how folks around here would rather party on the weekend than the official dates of celebrations (see St. Patrick’s Day), so when The Collective announces a Mardi-Party at Longbridge on Friday, March 1, in honor of Mardi Gras coming on March 5 (yes, it’s a Tuesday!) we are all aboard with the notion. With Melanie and Kortney singing the songs joined by a top-shelf band of area musicians, it’s going to be a party no matter what the day is anyway. Speaking of Mardi Gras, and of singing songs with a crack band, The Curve Inn hosts Mary Jo Curry on Fat Tuesday proper (yes, it’s March 5!) for those who want to be official in their debauchery. Hey, why not just go for them all and call it a party any way you look at it? That’s the whole to-do of these hullabaloos to begin with anyhoo, ain’t that right Sue?

You do know there’s lots more going on around town, but we just must end here. 


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