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Thursday, April 4, 2019 12:18 am

My new goal – getting healthy

I read I Knew We Had a Cure and knew I had to get to work

The writer gets instruction on “muscle up” technique from Coach Mike Suhadolnik.


Throughout my adult life I have set goals for myself. Like many people, my goals were always focused on improving things that were important to me – my house, my income, my job, my business interest and, most importantly, spending more quality time with my family. I spent the majority of my life working the equivalent of two full-time jobs to help ensure that my goals were met. I worked like crazy to make everything better, but something was still missing.

Then one day in late December I looked into a mirror and realized that none of my goals included taking care of me. I almost didn’t recognize the blob of flesh in the mirror that was looking back at me. I went from having a nickname of “Bones” years ago to my present situation of being overweight. I had gained weight to the point of having medical conditions and was taking at least five different prescriptions every day to help keep me “healthy.”

I sat down and took account of what was happening around me. I noted that I had lost over 40 friends to various health reasons just since I returned from my tour of Afghanistan in 2010. Included in that number were two of my best friends (both younger than me), my father and even my last two personal physicians. I realized that now, with many of my friends gone and my health starting to take its toll on me, I had better make a change. I made getting healthy my main goal.

Suhadolnik’s new book
A friend of mine recommended the trainer who helped him achieve his weight loss and improved health – Mike Suhadolnik from CrossFit Instinct. I remembered that I had first met Mike while I was a student at Lincoln Land Community College. Mike was a bodybuilder and a math teacher and I was a 19-year-old veteran, fresh out of the Marine Corps. Mike is now 75 years old, is in great shape and just finished writing his book, I Knew We Had A Cure. Mike told me things that I hadn’t thought much about – such as the importance of eating properly, drinking lots of water and exercising. Then he taught me about this thing I had never thought about – fasting.

The book taught me that what you eat and when you eat it is the most important thing you can do to improve your health. I also learned that fasting and drinking 128 ounces of water daily actually cured most of the things that have been causing me pain. In addition, I learned that human growth hormones begin to occur naturally within 14 hours of starting a fast. This is what causes your body to lose weight and improve your health much faster than following some diet program that would take a year to give you the same results as you would get with this program in two months. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the book, stop by CrossFit Instinct at Fairhills Mall and talk to Mike himself.

I read the book. I was really impressed and agreed to enroll in his program. Now, almost two months later, after learning (I’m still learning) about exercise, drinking water, nutrition and fasting, I have lost over 30 pounds of fat and added several pounds of muscle to my body. Much to my surprise, during my recent annual physical, my doctor said I no longer needed four of the five daily prescribed medications. He added that if I stay with this program I’ll be off of all medications soon.

What a difference looking into that mirror made in my life. I have a long way to go before this goal will be met. You can’t correct 30 years of poor diet and lack of exercise in a month or two. But hopefully other people will read this brief story about my new journey – my new most important goal of all. Maybe they’ll look into their own mirror and make a new goal for themselves. Thank you, Mike. You and your book will make the remaining years of my life more healthy and enjoyable.  

Tony Libri is perhaps best known for his former job as a TV pitchman and weatherman for over 20 years. He later served as the Sangamon County auditor and was the longest-serving circuit clerk in the history of Sangamon County. Libri currently serves as the Illinois state director for the Selective Service System.


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