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Thursday, May 26, 2005 09:49 am

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di·vul·sion n. 1. The removal of a part by tearing. (The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, 2nd edition. Copyright © 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Co.)

If you had a band and were looking to name it, would you choose “Divulsion”? If you said, “It depends on what kind of music we’re doing,” then go pick out your prize. From what I can glean from the Internet, this speed-death-metal combo from Collinsville did a fine job of name-picking. Compared with the names of similar bands in their area, they may actually be lacking in the gross-and-shocking-name department.

On May 14, Divulsion played SlamFest, a concert of like-minded groups, at the Creepy Crawl, a St. Louis club. Also on the bill were Chainsaw Homicide and the Animated Dead, among other, less alarmingly named bands. They are also featured on a compilation album called Heavycore Civil War: Missouri that features Backhoe Butchery, Scarlet Whore, and, interestingly enough, two other medically derived names, Apnea and Tinnitus. I’m hoping that Heavycore’s description of life — a battle to rid the world of those of us “posers” who don’t live and breathe speed death metal — is based in hyperbole. Otherwise, their slogan, “Kick the posers in the throat,” is somewhat disturbing.

Let’s put aside the obvious shock value of the band names and the self-punishing culture of tattoos and body piercings, plus the outright courting of violent behavior, and look at the music of Divulsion. The band once had two bass players woven into the average drums-guitar-vocal mix, but it’s now back to the standard one bass, two-guitar setup. Either way, I’m sure they lay down the very heavy-duty bottom end that’s so popular with mosh-pit frequenters and hair-tossing speed-metal freaks.

Divulsion’s band bios show a common love of PlayStation, sex, drugs, and alcohol (the drummer and bass player are also fond of their families). The group claims to be influenced by such popular acts as Slipknot and Slayer, and that is easy enough to believe. They certainly have the same desire to frighten and entertain their audience. I do hope they’re just kidding on their Web site when they say, “Coming soon to kill you.”


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