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Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:03 am

Hoppin’ music happenings

Avery Kern plays Pease's at Bunn Gourmet Thursday, April 18.

Easter weekend is finally here, coming in late due to some lunar versus equinox decisions made by the Catholic Church several hundred years ago, but who’s counting, anyway. Because of the Sunday holiday, this weekend is usually a bit slower than most, but it appears we can find a way to enjoy our live music along with these popular religious celebrations.

If you think about our music scene in terms of legacy and how continuity through teaching and sharing brings more talent to the surface, then here’s someone for you to see. Avery Kern, a performing, singing guitarist from Pawnee, took lessons from Micah Walk (The Deep Hollow, Micah Walk Band, The Shenanigans, etc.) for several years and got onto the stage early on. She now performs regularly around town doing covers of popular artists and a few originals. She takes performance seriously and it shows in how she pays attention to detail, interacts with the audience and comes prepared to entertain with confidence, backed by ability. So let’s brag a bit on our new crop of players coming up to take the stage and thank the folks who’ve helped them get there. I will feature more new folks as we roll along. Avery plays Pease’s at Bunn Gourmet this Thursday, then she’s back on May 9. You can also catch her at Obed & Isaac’s on May 8, the Fat Ass 5K on May 11, Locals in Pawnee on May 17 and plenty of other places throughout the summer. If you go to her Facebook page and give her a like and check out her events page, you (and she) will both like it. Be sure to say “hi” when you go to see Avery, and I surely believe the music scene is in fine shape for years to come.

This Friday is looking to be a good one, with a pun intended for the Good Friday reference. Let’s start with downtown and a visit to Anchors Away (formerly Norb Andys) where Hank Helton and the Character Assassins pop into the intimate confines for some hopped-up blues. Hank can and does do it all, and of course it’s worth watching him do it every time. Around the corner and down the street at Craft Beer Bar, Casey Cantrall dishes out plenty of tasty tidbits of marvelous music making. (On a side note: Casey appears in an acting and music role in Blood Brothers at the Hoogland, not this weekend, but the next two. Please go see this guy do his thing with other local musicians and actors in a different format than usual). And not far away at Buzz Bomb, Wonky Tonk, otherwise known as Jasmine Poole, that cowgirl from Kentucky, lays on the songs with attitude and angst.

More goodness on Friday comes on the south side, where legendary blues guitar master James Armstrong makes a too-rare hometown appearance with a gig at Third Base, while down the street Lick Creek cranks up the killer country on Blue Grouch’s outdoor stage. For you folks hellbent on getting out of town, Mark Mills and Jason McKenzie do a duo at Locals in Pawnee, Mojo Filter rocks on in Tallula at Connor’s Corner Pub, a Fairly Odd Duo drifts into the Walnut Street Winery in Rochester, Myers-Brant-Paoni land in Hand of Fate in Petersburg and Mississippi Leghound jacks it up at Brookhills out on Old Jack.

Saturday keeps the good stuff coming and Sunday is definitely a slow funday, but there’s enough there to resurrect some good, fun times. Until next week… happy hopping. 


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