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Thursday, June 27, 2019 12:01 am

archival find, 1952 letter

 My dad responding to an applicant
for a job: “I am afraid you are a
little young and therefore lacking in
experience for the job of assistant  
herdsman” and ends with “Now for   
some unsolicited advice. While most
employers know that a man’s main
interest is the wage it is much smarter
for the man also to show interest in
other elements of the job offered. For
instance, if you expect to farm yourself
some day your interest should not be as
much money at your age as finding a
place to work where you will be able to
learn. All of us can’t go on to school but
by wisely choosing the right job in the
profession we wish to follow an excellent  
education can be secured. Sorry I can’t be
more optimistic as to your qualifications
for a job with us.” Had I been reading the
letter to this high-schooler I’d have added,    
“Come shovel cow pies or spud burdocks;   
you’ll get a fine education on our farm!”

©2019 Jacqueline Jackson


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