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Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019 02:53 pm

Shinedown shines on

Shinedown returned to Springfield on Saturday evening, playing the Illinois State Fair Grandstand after their last visit in May 2013 when the band performed at the BOS Center. The band, based out of Jacksonville, Florida, was founded in 2001, although lead singer Brent Smith and drummer Barry Kerch are the only original members remaining.

Opening the show with a 45-minute set was Badflower, based out of Los Angeles, California. The band’s debut studio album, “OK, I’m Sick,” was released on Feb. 22 of this year and has produced the singles “Heroin” and “Ghost.”

With vocalist/guitarist Josh Katz, lead guitarist Joey Morrow, bass player Alex Espiritu and Anthony Sonetti behind the drum kit, Badflower made their debut appearance in Springfield with a very high-energy, solid performance. Lead singer Josh Katz, with his multi-colored hair, came across as a pure natural and owned the stage. From the first guitar chord played to the last vocal sung, these guys might very well breathe some life back into rock n’ roll.

Shinedown took the stage at 9:30 with Brent Smith in his standard vest and tie, belting out the vocals for “Devil” while pyro, flames and concussion bombs burst from the stage floor. Like a true professional, Smith jumped from the ramp down to the stage, landing in perfect synch with the band and all pyrotechnics.

From that point on, the crowd was in a frenzy as the band ripped through its hits. With Zach Myers on lead guitar, Eric Bass on bass, Barry Kerch on drums and singer extraordinaire Brent Smith on lead vocals, Shinedown did not disappoint. Showing love to the audience all through the show, Smith was very hands-on with his fans, shaking as many hands as he could, promoting a positive vibe and having crowd interactions between and during songs. Appropriately enough for the State Fair, Smith even give a shout-out to Vose’s Corn Dogs midway through the set after taking an audience poll of who likes corn dogs.

The two hour set comprised of 18 songs with pyrotechnics, crowd interaction, concussion bombs and opening act Badflower was money well-spent for all who attended.

Set list:

1.  Devil

2.  Diamond

3.  Enemies

4.  Monsters

5.  Black Soul

6.  I’ll Follow You

7.  Unity

8.  Bully

9.  45


11. Call Me

12. H.D.Y.L.

13. Second Chance

14. Simple Man

15. Cut the Cord

16. Get Up

17. Sound of Madness

18. Brilliant

Brent Smith of Shinedown on lead vocals
Brian Bowles


Brian Bowles


Brent Smith and Zach Myers
Brian Bowles


Brent Smith addresses the crowd
Brian Bowles


The band took the stage to pyrotechnics
Brian Bowles


Josh Katz, lead singer of Badflower
Brian Bowles


Josh Katz
Brian Bowles


Josh Katz
Brian Bowles



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