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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 06:13 am

Revolutionary spirit

Festival organizer says he’s only just begun

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Until last weekend, the biggest party Joshua Foster ever hosted was a backyard cookout attended by 50 people. Then he got this crazy idea to host a festival at Harvard Park Elementary to raise money for musical instruments and art supplies. He lined up enough bands to fill two stages all day, art to be auctioned off, and workshops for the kids. Despite his novice status as a concert promoter and despite the chill in the air last Saturday morning, close to 2,000 people attended The Revolution’s You. And how could they not? The event was born of Foster’s unique reaction to being shot in the stomach during an armed robbery [see Dusty Rhodes, “Saving the world, one note at a time,” Feb. 21]. Instead of being angry at the robber, Gregory Hullum, who had survived a troubled childhood by becoming a hardened criminal by age 18, Foster decided to try to show kids a cooler path in life — art, music, fun. The festival went off without a hitch. One band had transportation problems and arrived late, but “that was the only road bump,” Foster says. The financial results are still being tallied, but Foster knows that the event raised at least $4,000 through ticket sales alone — enough to buy an electric keyboard for Harvard Park’s music program, plus a pottery wheel and several sturdy easels for the art classroom. Even if you didn’t get a chance to join the revolution, you can still purchase a souvenir T-shirt at the school or at Aaron’s Rental Purchase, 2637 S. MacArthur Blvd. (just a few blocks from the place where Foster was shot). And if you miss out on the T-shirts, don’t worry — you’ll have other opportunities to help Foster save the world. “I’ve already started planning my next three or four events,” he says. 

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