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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 04:04 pm

Forget Indiana Jones — meet Illinois Shapiro

A reincarnated Union general’s search for the lost crystal skull of Peru

Joshua “Illinois” Shapiro: “I know they are important for the future of humanity.”
Untitled Document “You have to understand, I’ve been doing this for 25 years,” says Joshua “Illinois” Shapiro, “and for 25 years there were no Indiana Jones films with crystal skulls. Sometimes I actually have had to take on a job. . . . but my love, my passion is the crystal skulls, because I know they are important for the future of humanity.”
Shapiro, who operates the World Mystery Research Center out of his Niles, Ill., apartment, is one of world’s foremost proponents of the powers of crystal skulls. In 1988, he co-authored Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed. He is searching for a publisher for his latest book, Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, on which he collaborated with Blue Arrow Rainbow, his estranged third wife. Shapiro, 53, has been fascinated with crystal skulls since his first close encounter. In 1983, he was looking at a photograph of a crystal skull in San Jose, Calif., when he felt his vibrations stirring, he says. A half-hour later, the area experienced an earthquake. Shapiro took this to be more than a coincidence. Acting on his intuition, he later arranged to have a viewing of the same crystal skull at a nearby art gallery. “I put my right hand on the top part of the skull, and I felt an energy or a vibration in my hand, my arm and my right shoulder,” Shapiro says. “Ever since that time, whenever I think about the skull, I always see it in my mind, floating over my right shoulder.”
Shapiro has a similarly strong feeling each time he visits the Lincoln Tomb in Springfield. “The first time I went I was just overwhelmed by the energy field around me, as if I were experiencing the spirit of Lincoln,” Shapiro says. “It was recognizing me on some level. At that point in time, I didn’t know very much about the paranormal or psychic things, or whatever. Since that time, I have found out that I conceivably could have been, in a former lifetime, an officer in the Civil War. I have a friend who remembers being a general on the other side who recognized me, also, in this way.”
Shapiro believes he may be the reincarnation of Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, who led Union forces at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.
With the Union preserved, Shapiro has set his sights on more universal goals in this lifetime. He hopes that the latest Indiana Jones film will open up a scientific debate on the alleged paranormal phenomena related to crystal skulls. “There are a lot of people having very strange experiences around the crystal skulls,” Shapiro says. “We really need to do some really good research to try and understand why that is happening. Is there really some kind of force or an energy field? That’s what I’ve experienced.”
According to Mayan legend, when all 13 crystal skulls are united the world will be a better place — but Shapiro thinks there may actually be four sets of 13 skulls, or a total of 52, that are part of the grand plan. “They’re a tool that’s resurfacing now that has something to do with world peace,” he says, “whether it’s the information encoded inside of it or the energy it possesses.”
Shapiro’s crystal-skull journeys have taken him to Peru three times in the past decade. He says on one of the trips an archaeologist got up from the dinner table, pointed his finger at him, and said: “Joshua knows where there is a crystal skull in Peru.”
“It was like something came over him,” says Shapiro. “This happens in Peru. Right after he did that to me, I started to feel myself being pulled; my physical body was being pulled to the northern part of Peru.”
High in the Andes Mountains, he met a shaman who guided him to some remote lagoons. In 1999, he returned with a group to continue his search. “We did a meditation in this area where I felt the skull was,” recalls Shapiro. “After we finished our meditation, right up in the sky — everybody could see this — there was a cloud that looked exactly like a UFO, and it was there for about three or for minutes There was no mistaking what form it was.”
Strange things happen in Peru.
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