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Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008 10:49 pm

IT Picks

IT's picks for what to do this week


Alien invasion
Before there was TV there was radio and when reports of aliens landing were sent across the airwaves the nation went into chaos. In 1938, when Orson Welles broadcast War of the Worlds, thousands were frightened as they listened to reports of an alien attack. Descriptions of a meteorite landing in Grover's Mill, N.J.,and Martians attacking local authorities sent many fleeing their homes in search of safety. Now, 70 years later on the anniversary of the original broadcast, people can see the how the events unfolded. Gus Gordon Productions and 91.9 WUIS will re-create a live version of the radio drama. Men providing sound effects and actors dressed in costumes will present the broadcast as if it were an actual 1930s radio show.
Thursday Oct. 30
War of The Worlds
Hoogland Center for the Arts
420 S. Sixth St
7 p.m.

Political satire

When these Capitol Hill workers gather around the water cooler they do a little more than gossip, they put on a full-blown roast. The CapitolSteps, a comedy group made up of members who have worked in Washington, D.C., will bring their off-color humor to Springfield. The comedy group takes political satire to another level. They use current news headlines to create original songs and skits that highlight the shortcomings of some of the most influential people in Washington. No person or issue is off limits as they poke fun at Barack Obama, John McCain, airport security and, of course, President George W. Bush.
FridayOct. 31
Capitol Steps
Sangamon Auditorium
8 p.m.
$32 and $37

Mind games
The Lincoln Land Community College Student Life office is always looking for something interesting to bring to campus, and they found him. Enter the "Theatre of Thought" and explore the mysteries of the mind with Christopher Carter, one of the most recognized psychological performers. His ability to read minds landed him on the "Martin Short Show," and he was also named "Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year" by Campus Magazine. Carter entertains audiences by performing mental tricks like lighting a light bulb in your hand or telling you exactly what you're hiding in your pocket. Carter's mental skills and feats are guaranteed to intrigue the biggest skeptics.
Thursday Oct. 30
Christopher Carter
Trutter Center
Lincoln Land Community College
5250 Shepherd Rd.
7 p.m.

165 years
St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal church is one of the oldest African-American churches in Springfield. This year marks the 165th anniversary of St. Paul AME and it's a cause for celebration. As a part of a series of week-long events commemorating the 165-year milestone, gospel recording artist Dr. Marvin Sapp will hold an anniversary concert. Sapp considers himself to be apreacher with the gift to sing. His popular song, Never Would Have Made It, is fitting as the community comes together to honor a church whose beginnings were humble, but which prospered with the glory of God.
SaturdayNov. 1
Dr. Marvin Sapp Gospel Concert
St Paul AME Church
1130 S.16th St.
7 p.m.
$25 in advance, $30 at the door


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