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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 10:06 pm

Letters to the editor

A few of Elkhart's downtown movers and shakers gather for our cover shot.
Thanks from Elkhart

Thank you very much for your article on our fair little town [see “The view from Elkhart hill,” by Rick Wade, IT, March 19]. I thought the article was very well written and the pictures did us justice.

Publicity like this is what we and other small towns need to help us thrive. Publications like yours are greatly appreciated. You and your whole staff are welcome anytime!

Teri McGee, director
Elkhart Public Library District

Smith: “Enthusiasm has
gone underground”

My recent move to revive the Evening Republican Club was not an act of defiance to the party I love [see “Smith revives GOP club,” by Dusty Rhodes, IT, March 12]. Nor was it meant to create controversy with the current leadership with which I have spent the better part of a lifetime. I personally stand by my claim that I brought them to the party.

I want to make it very clear that I stand by my party, and by the current leadership. As a retiree, but one who has not lost once ounce of Republican verve, I have attended and supported endeavors through these lean years. Yes, I have suffered and still suffer greatly as I watch the current bankrupting of America. But, having been born in 1929 and grown up as part of the “Greatest Generation,” I only know how to voice my concern and live by the code, “Death before dishonor.”

I still believe that leaders should get out in front and lead! At this point, it has become difficult. Chairman Tony Libri is currently in Afghanistan and Rosemarie Long is at the helm with her hands full, making all efforts to keep the ship right. My intent was not to do harm.

It’s just that in these past few years, enthusiasm has gone underground. I could not stand it. As I saw things change with some deletions from the organization, I could only think of better times. I wanted strong Republican input and output everywhere. The only place I saw it was the strong Northenders Club, led by Rosemarie. Once, we had 10 such organizations. The powerful Evening Republican Club, started by my predecessor, John Short, had disbanded. The Prairie Republican Club, started by Scott Crown, merged with East County. The South County Club waned. In my travels, I talked with people who could no longer participate, and had no place to go and no one to share with anymore.

Thus I felt that the right thing to do was to call for the revival of the Evening Republican Club. And yes, to them it means supporting Republican causes and candidates that they help select. That I can proudly say I have always lived by. I urge Republicans everywhere to support and vote for our township candidates. They are the best.

Irv Smith
Smith, a former city alderman, is former chairman of the Sangamon County Republican Party.

The dumpster approach

Why, if the police know of drug activity, do they simply try to move it and not stop it via arrests? This dumpster approach seems to only exacerbate the situation without bringing it to an end [see “When the Crime Stoppers dumpster came to my street,” by Fletcher Farrar, IT, March 19].

I find this procedure confusing at best and certainly not much of a solution. In fact, it appears to simply make the superficial policing seem effective without truly resolving the issue.

John Paul

Electricity revenues

As Springfield’s new power plant gets closer to completion, the surplus electricity that it is going to generate will be sold and the revenue is going to balance the city budget.

Being a ratepayer, I have a real problem with that. The “Crown Jewel” belongs to the ratepayers, not the politicians. Pay off the construction debt first, then reduce the cost of electricity to the ratepayers.

If you need to balance the budget, cut services, cut salaries, lay off as needed and do it across the board.

Greg Kruger


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