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Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009 03:16 pm

Letters to the Editor 10/01/2009

Route 66 Film Festival, fan of Capital Ave, noose, colored glass recycling

The Eighth Annual Route 66 International Film Festival attracted about three times the audience as last year.

What a difference a year makes!  The Eighth Annual Route 66 International Film Festival attracted about three times the audience as last year, thanks to the sponsorship and support of Illinois Times, Peroni and WUIS.  More than 50 filmmakers traveled from across the country and Canada to show their films and network with each other.  They all remarked about how much they liked Springfield, how clean it is, how much there is to do here and how friendly everyone is.  This is the kind of event that can boost tourism and, in the case of filmmakers, perhaps bring business in the form of using the area for movie locations. Thanks to everyone who participated and to those who missed it, mark Sept. 18-19, 2010, on your calendar.  You won’t want to miss it next year.

Linda McElroy
Director, Route 66 International Film Festival


Recently the repaving and improving of Capitol Avenue between 11th Street and Seventh Street has generated much discussion dealing mostly with costs, alternative use of funds and justification for the plan.

In my opinion, the completed project has been well designed and executed, and is a very positive addition to our city. The street is now colorful and inviting and the plantings, sidewalk additions and benches add interest and perhaps even a pastoral and serene atmosphere. Also, the design and brickwork blend quite well with the State Journal-Register building. In some ways the new road and walks remind me of the walkways around Millennium Park in Chicago.

J. J. Watt

Again the political system has failed. The city council has weighed in on the “noose” incident with the same lackluster response we have grown to expect. Essentially the response is “boys will be boys.” I really enjoy music and through the years there have been many variations of a “shuffle” of some sort but the best and longest lasting is the “political shuffle.” This dance is an oldie, and it goes like this: protest in a way that you cannot be harmed on Election Day, but allow your words to be printed or recorded. The city council members are better “moonwalkers” than the Late MJ. This noose situation should have been publicly resolved quickly and decisively within days of the events and not quietly resolved and reported. The politicians in this country from top to bottom are all failures. They are weak kneed and apparently gun shy when it comes to doing what’s correct. Shame on all of you.

Michael Abrams


The City of Springfield is sponsoring a colored glass collection for recycling this Saturday, Oct. 3, from 8 a.m. to noon at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.  Thank you, finally.  Can we go one step further and have these colored glass collections on a seasonal basis, like the hazardous waste pickup? If people knew the pickup occurred seasonally, they might hold onto their colored glass long enough to participate, rather than consigning it to the landfill (the current practice).

If any of your readers are interested in making a difference on the environmental front, they should attend the Springfield Area Consensus-Building Town Meeting on Saturday, Oct. 17, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, located at Seventh and Capitol.  This meeting is for community members to get together and decide which environmental issues are most important to them, helping to create action plans that the group can recommend to local government to implement. Bring a lunch or bring money to order lunch there. Springfield has made great strides in recent years in adopting more sustainable practices, and the Town Meeting will educate and encourage all of us to push for even greater progress in this area.

Kay Marie Philon


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