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Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2009 12:55 pm

Happy holiday happenings

Three Amigos return to Bar None Saturday, Dec. 26.

A very important ingredient in having a happy holiday, which is the ubiquitous call to all heard across the land in some form or another this season, is a good dose of live music. Fortunately for us patient and persistent participants of performance, our cup runneth over during the season to be jolly and other things.

Kick off your Christmas week on Thursday with a visit to uh, to uh — well, according to the IT’s Pub Crawl there isn’t much going on but open mics, DJs and karaoke. The lone live music entry is Dave Littrell at the Alamo in Chatham (now informally called the “Chalamo” I hear), but I would double check on that, since Dave may have Santa duties that evening at home, if you know what I mean. Though I remember more than one Christmas Eve when Santa came to my kids very late (or very early depending on how you look at it) after a nightclub performance and everything turned out just fine. One point to keep in mind on all the weekly shows: you might want to check with the venue or host before showing up. Sometimes those gigs are changed due to the holiday schedule and don’t get removed from the Pub Crawl. I know, I know, it’s hard to realize that the IT Pub Crawl is not infallible, but sorry to say folks, it can’t be all right all the time.

Interestingly enough, Christmas night looks about the same with several weekly karaoke and DJ events happening that may not be. Our sole live music performance is a good one with the Moonlight Rhythm Rangers playing a Christmas show at Bar None. I wonder what that means? Will Rodney Patterson remove his Dekalb seed cap and replace it with a Santa hat with reindeer antlers? Will they play country classics like “Daddy Drunk Up All Our Christmas” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”? I’m just as filled with anticipation as a three-year-old on Christmas morn wondering what might transpire.

It’s now the day after Christmas and it’s a Saturday night, what do you think might happen? You guessed it. In an explosion of live music shows from 4 ½ Men at Frankie’s 49er to Caprice at the Blue Grouch, the town is hopping. The very hip Frank Trompeter Quartet, so sadly without bassist John Peterson who tragically passed away Dec. 1, plays Norb Andy’s. Joe Cooke Project projects rock and blues classics at Chaser’s Iron Horse Saloon and Perfunctory This Band channels the Grateful Dead at the Trading Post Saloon. Roger Whitsell goes solo at the Walnut Street Winery and Cats on Holiday play unplugged at Harry’s Adult Day Care. The Oohs rock on at Last Chance Saloon in Salisbury and Screamin’ Vatos carry on at Riverside Rock-n-Roll near Mechanicsburg. Downtown at Marly’s Pub Trash Martini makes a splash and at Bar None the Three Amigos return, now all as members of the Station. Before the tremendous trio takes the stage Dave Littrell performs cuts from his upcoming acoustic album scheduled for a 2010 winter release.

Now after all that, come chill out on Sunday with Cats on Holiday and Andon Davis, Jr., going electric at Frankie’s 49er and me doing the same with the Hired Hands at the Brewhaus. Or you might want to sit still and listen on Monday for Frank Parker’s Jambalaya Jam at the Brewhaus and visit with the fun and brilliant Sally Weisenburg at the Alamo for Blue Monday.

Whatever your form of relaxation, get some done before next Thursday, because as you know, you are going to need all your strength and wits to get through New Year’s Eve 2009. Have some happy holidays.

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