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Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010 04:38 am

Everybody on your feet

Gamers the world over will be taking a more active role in their video game adventures this holiday


Video-gaming couch potatoes are so yesteryear. In 2010, gamers must get on their feet to conquer feats in seventh-generation gaming systems. Two new consoles debuted this year with action-packed adventures for all ages to enjoy. Gift-givers, compare specs below to decide which gaming system will help loved-ones make all the right moves.

PlayStation Move

Perhaps “Move” is short for “move over.” The new Sony game controller for PlayStation 3 has carved out a space in the motion-control gaming world just in time for the holiday season. Armed with the motion-sensing controller, gamers will explore high-definition worlds powered by high-def Blu-ray media. The variety of games includes dance, sports, family fun and action. For those games requiring navigation through on-screen characters, gamers may opt to try the new navigation controller’s analog stick in place of the D-pad of the PS3 game controller.

Whether gamers are pantomiming a golf swing or kung-fu kick, the PlayStation Eye USB Camera captures their every move. Built-in vibrations surge through the motion-sensing controller and help gamers feel like they’re in another world. Up to four motion controllers can be connected to the system at once, so there’s room for friends and family to join in on the experience.

Gamers will need the PlayStation 3 home console and PlayStation Eye USB Camera in addition to the new game controller to get moving in game play.

The PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle is $399.99, but Move components are available for individual purchase.

New PS3 Titles Compatible with PlayStation Move:

  • Sorcery, Sony Computer Entertainment, $39.99
  • SingStar Dance, Sony Computer Entertainment, $39.99
  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Capcom, $39.99

Kinect for Xbox 360
Gamers and their limbs are the motion controllers in Microsoft’s new Kinect for Xbox 360. The Kinect sensor, which features an RGB camera and depth sensor and microphone, has full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice capabilities.

There’s no need to memorize commands like you do in handheld gaming. “You simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect sees you move, hears your voice and recognizes your face,” says Mike Delman, corporate vice president of Global Marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business. Clothing or furniture in the room won’t affect game play. Motion-game players can join the Zumba party, go on a Kinect adventure in outer space and even take a joy ride. However, as imagination takes flight, they should be careful not to trip over that ottoman in the living room.

The sleek black Kinect sensor plugs into any Xbox 360 and retails for $149.99. The Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect is $299.99.

New Kinect for Xbox 360 Titles
  • Dance Central, Microsoft, $49.99
  • Kinectimals, Microsoft, $49.99
  • Kinect Sports, Microsoft, $49.99

Nintendo Wii
It was the first motion-sensing console out of the gate back in 2006, and Nintendo’s Wii still covers the broadest demographic in sales. In addition to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers, the system offers the Wii Zapper for crossbow and shooting games, the Wii Wheel for driving games and the Wii Balance Board for fitness games. The experience of classic games like Super Mario Brothers and Tetris becomes complete, interactive immersion. And when gamers tire out from all the movement, they can kick back and watch a movie or TV show streamed from Netflix – subscription required, of course.

The Wii Bundle retails for $199.99 and comes with the console and two games: Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

New Wii Titles
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo, $49.99
  • Wii Party, Nintendo, $49.99

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